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  • Proposed changes to route 414

    As part of the ongoing work to provide a value for money bus network which matches bus capacity to passenger demand, we are proposing to change route 414 so that it terminates at Marble Arch instead of Maida Hill. We are proposing this change as there is significant extra bus capacity... More
    Closed 20 November 2020
  • Proposed bus route changes serving The Coopers’ Company and Coborn school

    Following a review of bus routes 648 and 646, we are proposing to withdraw route 648 and reduce the number of trips on route 646. Route 648 operates two trips in the morning and afternoon using single deck buses. Its role is to provide some additional capacity to route 248 which it... More
    Opened 17 November 2020
  • Proposed extension of route 324 (Stanmore station to Centennial Business Park)

    We have developed a proposal to extend bus route 324 from Stanmore station to Centennial Park in Elstree. This would enable the 324 to serve the bus stops at the Brockley Hill entrance to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. This is intended to create new links to the hospital and... More
    Opened 9 November 2020
  • Have your say on proposed changes to bus stopping arrangements in Aldwych and the Strand

    We need to re-route buses in the Strand and Aldwych area as a result of Westminster City Council, (WCC) plans for the area. You can see the plans for the area on their website. The following buses will be re-routed as follows; N/1, 59, N/68, 168, 188, 243, 521 and X68 via... More
    Closed 5 November 2020
  • Sutton - Croydon Bus Changes

    Proposed changes to bus routes S1, S3, S4, 80, 164, 166, 312, 405, 407, 413, 434, 455 and 470, and the introduction of new routes S2, 439 and 443 We are proposing changes to a number of bus routes serving Sutton and Croydon. We are also proposing to introduce three new bus routes.... More
    Opened 15 October 2020
  • Trial to run bus lanes at all times on red routes

    Extending bus lane hours to help more people travel safely and reliably Background In August 2020 we announced that we would trial changes to the operating hours of more than 80 kilometres of London’s bus lanes. This trial aims to make bus journeys faster and more reliable, and... More
    Opened 13 September 2020
  • Better bus journeys

    Extending bus lane hours to help more people travel safely and reliably Update 2 September 2020 In July 2020 we announced proposals to trial extending operating hours to all bus lanes on London’s red routes (also known as the Transport for London Road... More
    Closed 4 August 2020
  • Fixed Bus Stops for Longlands Road, Sidcup

    The Longlands Road section of bus route 233 currently operates on a ‘hail and ride’ basis. In order to improve customer safety and bus service reliability, we propose to replace this arrangement with fixed bus stops, as are used on the rest of the route. What are we proposing? ... More
    Closed 9 March 2020
  • South Newham Bus Changes

    The Royal Docks area in south Newham is undergoing considerable changes. New housing developments, new employment opportunities, the opening of the Elizabeth line and other factors have led and will lead to changes in the way people travel by bus. To understand how the bus network might... More
    Closed 8 March 2020
  • Route W19: Re-routing and evening extension beyond Walthamstow

    Bus route W19 currently operates between Ilford and Argall Avenue in Walthamstow. Between South Access Road and Argall Avenue, it operates via the gated Council depot. The depot closes around 20:00 requiring route W19 to terminate at South Grove in Walthamstow town centre in the evening.... More
    Closed 8 March 2020
  • Have your say on proposed changes to route 92 in Ealing

    A new development in Greenford in the London Borough of Ealing includes around 2,000 residential properties for private rent along with associated retail facilities. Route 92 currently serves Oldfield Lane North to the west of the development. There is currently no bus service on the section... More
    Closed 26 January 2020
  • Hammersmith Bridge bus route changes

    On Saturday 18 May, following the closure of Hammersmith Bridge, we made a number of temporary changes to the local bus network. The changes were designed to: Provide or enhance direct links between Roehampton, Mortlake, Barnes and the Tube network at Putney Bridge ... More
    Closed 9 January 2020
  • Have your say on proposals to introduce new bus route 456 between Crews Hill and North Middlesex Hospital

    Public transport plays a key role in many people’s lives, and we recognise the importance that local communities place on having direct bus services to major hospitals and medical facilities. We recognise that there is currently a lack of direct service between hospitals and parts of World’s... More
    Closed 5 January 2020
  • Proposed changes to bus routes 112 and 611

    The Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS) sets out an ambitious target for 80% of trips to be made using sustainable transport by 2026. This proposal offers a sustainable alternative to using private vehicles on one of London’s busiest roads, the A406 North Circular. It would... More
    Closed 28 October 2019
  • Proposed extension of route 470

    We keep the bus network under regular review, to provide the best service possible for customers in the most cost effective way. We are proposing to make changes to route 470 by extending the route to Epsom Hospital and would like your feedback. What are we proposing? ... More
    Closed 12 September 2019
  • Proposed Changes to Buses in Dartford and Crayford (routes 428 and 492)

    Update 10 December 2019 This consultation is closed. We received a large number of responses to the consultation on these proposals and are currently analysing these. Whilst this is happening the routes will remain as they are. The proposals will not be implemented in January... More
    Closed 10 September 2019
  • Demand Responsive Bus Trial (Ealing)

    Transport for London (TfL) believes demand responsive bus services may have the potential to complement the established bus network to contribute to sustainable travel and reduce car dependency in the future. Demand responsive services operate flexibly in response to local demand.... More
    Closed 23 August 2019
  • Proposed changes to bus services in Harrow town centre

    We are proposing some changes to the bus network in Harrow town centre, particularly between Harrow bus station and Northwick Park Hospital. We would like to understand your views on the proposed changes to routes 186, H9, H10 and H14. Background Buses play a unique role in... More
    Closed 31 July 2019
  • Proposed change to route 128 in Romford town centre

    Route 128 is a 24 hour route that operates between Romford Station and Claybury Broadway. It uses double deck buses and runs every 12 minutes during Monday to Saturday daytimes, every 15 minutes on Sundays and all evenings. It runs half-hourly during the night. Currently the... More
    Closed 25 July 2019
  • Bus service proposal: New route 335 from Kidbrooke Village to North Greenwich

    Kidbrooke Village is a large housing development situated in the Royal Borough of Greenwich on the site of the old Ferrier Estate. Before the development of Kidbrooke Village, routes B16 and 178 served Tudway Road and Moorhead Way via an anti-clockwise loop in both directions... More
    Closed 17 May 2019
  • Proposed changes to route 339 (Monier Road)

    We keep the bus network under regular review, in order to provide the best service possible for customers in the most cost effective way. A new bridge between Marshgate Terrace and Monier Road is being built as part of the regeneration of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic... More
    Closed 24 April 2019
  • Demand Responsive Bus Trial

    In line with the commitments in the Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS) we want to explore how demand responsive bus services could complement conventional public transport services and enable good growth - particularly in harder to service areas of outer London. Demand responsive... More
    Closed 20 March 2019
  • Have your say on proposed changes to route 30

    The London Bus network is kept under constant review. As part of this we develop proposals for changes to services. What are we proposing? We are proposing a change to bus route 30, which currently operates via a one-way system in the Homerton area between Morning Lane... More
    Closed 15 March 2019
  • Proposed changes to routes 404 and 434

    Following the development of the Cane Hill estate in Coulsdon, we have been working with the London Borough of Croydon to provide bus services to the area, some of which is currently more than five minutes walk from a bus route. Some local residents have also approached us requesting new bus... More
    Closed 11 February 2019
  • Croydon Town Centre Bus Changes

    We are proposing changes to 11 bus routes serving Croydon town centre. These proposed changes would help to make the bus network simpler and more efficient, and would ensure our resources are invested in the locations where passenger demand is highest. These changes are also in response to... More
    Closed 13 January 2019
  • Proposed bus service changes in Richmond, Twickenham and Whitton

    The London bus network is reviewed regularly to make sure we are providing the best services possible for customers in the most cost effective way. Our review of bus services in outer London has revealed that a number of corridors running in Richmond, Twickenham and Whitton are... More
    Closed 6 January 2019
  • Have your say on the proposed extension to bus route 483

    We regularly review our bus network, so that we can provide the best service possible for our customers in the most cost effective way. Bus route 483 currently runs from Harrow Bus Station to Ealing Hospital serving Ealing Broadway, Hanwell, Wembley and Harrow. We are... More
    Closed 23 December 2018
  • Have your say on proposed changes to Brixton Town Centre for southbound bus services

    Brixton Road is a busy road served by 16 bus routes during the day and seven bus routes at night. Customers using our bus services either visit Brixton Town Centre, or interchange with other local services including Tube, train and cycle hire. We recognise the importance that buses... More
    Closed 23 November 2018
  • Central London Bus Services Review

    We are proposing to make changes to 33 bus routes, including alterations to night services and the introduction of a new route. These routes run across London, but the majority of changes take place in inner and central London. These proposed changes would help to make... More
    Closed 9 November 2018
  • Proposed changes to bus routes 384, 292 and 606 in Barnet

    Currently there is no direct TfL bus service that links one side of Barnet to the other between Barnet Town Centre/Barnet Hospital and Mill Hill/Edgware. However there is local demand for this service. What are we proposing? Route 384 i) Extend to... More
    Closed 9 November 2018
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