Crossrail 2 - October 2015

Closed 8 Jan 2016

Opened 27 Oct 2015


Update 7 July

We have published our initial response to a range of the issues raised during the recent public consultation on Crossrail 2. Nearly 21,000 people responded to the consultation and we are taking on board their comments to try and find solutions that have less impact on local communities.

We are in the very early stages of designing Crossrail 2 and do not have permission to build it yet. We expect to seek permission to build and operate the railway in 2019 through a piece of legislation known as a hybrid bill. This factsheet provides more information about that process.

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Update 16 March

Thank you to everyone who took part in the autumn 2015 consultation. We received nearly 21,000 consultation responses generating over 90,000 individual comments on our proposals, which have been analysed and collated to form the Consultation Report. (opens in a new window).

Work to develop the scheme will continue over the coming months and more detailed plans will be shared for future public consultation once further planning and engineering work has been completed.

In the summer we will publish a document that will respond to the issues and concerns raised during the consultation.

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Crossrail 2 is a proposed new railway serving London and the wider South East. It would connect the National Rail networks in Surrey and Hertfordshire via new tunnels and stations between Wimbledon, Tottenham Hale and New Southgate linking in with London Underground, London Overground, Crossrail 1, National Rail, High Speed 1, High Speed 2, London Trams and international rail services.

Crossrail 2 will bring huge benefits. It will ensure that London can grow and remain globally competitive, driving growth across the national economy. It will do this by providing new homes and jobs across the region, and by improving the quality of life. It will make it easier to travel around, and encourage people to make greener journeys.


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To have your say about our proposals, please see our consultation questionnaire.

Further information

Why do we need Crossrail 2?

What are the benefits of Crossrail 2?

Crossrail 2 consultations

Interactive map

Crossrail 2 factsheets and leaflets

Drop-in events

Have your say

Why do we need Crossrail 2?

London and the wider South East are growing rapidly. In London alone there are now a record 8.6 million people; this will increase to 10 million by 2030. These extra people will mean five million more journeys each day on the transport network. Overcrowding on the Tube is forecast to double by 2041, and National Rail services will face similar challenges.

Transport improvements already underway across the network including Crossrail 1, which will help offset the pressure in the short term. But we need a plan to cope with longer term growth. Crossrail 2 will give our transport network the extra capacity we need to keep the wider South East working and growing, and to make life here better.


What are the benefits of Crossrail 2?

Crossrail 2 would:

  • Transform travel across London and the wider South East, providing direct train services to destinations across the region
  • Grow the UK economy, support 60,000 full-time jobs across the UK while Crossrail 2 is being built and, when operational, support 200,000 new jobs
  • Provide new capacity for up to 270,000 more people travelling into London in peak periods, helping relieve crowding and congestion on the transport network
  • Free up space on National Rail lines, allowing towns and cities like Cambridge, Southampton, Basingstoke, Woking, Guildford and Portsmouth to potentially benefit from more frequent services
  • Provide step-free access at all stations on the proposed Crossrail 2 route
  • Support regeneration and the development of around 200,000 new homes across the region


 Crossrail 2 consultations

To date, we have held two consultations; the first was in summer 2013 on the principle of the scheme, and the second was in 2014 when we asked for views on specific route options relating to Hackney, Kensington and Chelsea and an extension to New Southgate.

The Department for Transport also carried out a safeguarding consultation from November 2014 to January 2015. Safeguarding is a formal process undertaken by the Department for Transport to protect land required for major new infrastructure projects.

You can find details of previous Crossrail 2 consultations here.

Feedback from these consultations, together with further scheme design, has helped develop the proposals for this consultation, which presents new information and invites comments on our proposals relating to:

  • Station locations, entrances and exits
  • Shaft locations for the tunnelled section of the scheme
  • The construction sites required to build and operate the tunnelled section of the scheme
  • Proposed service patterns


Development is still at an early stage. There will be more opportunity to provide feedback on Crossrail 2 as the scheme develops.


Interactive map

Our interactive map provides more visual detail. Open the full screen version of this map, or click on a proposed station, shaft or portal for more information. Alternatively, enter your postcode to see details of the Crossrail 2 proposals in your area.


Have your say

To have your say about our proposals, please go to our consultation questionnaire. The questionnaire highlights the specific areas on which we are seeking your feedback. However, you are not limited to commenting on these topics and we welcome feedback on any aspect of the proposals.

If you would prefer to write to us with your thoughts, please email us at or use our freepost address. Simply mark your envelope ‘Freepost CROSSRAIL 2 CONSULTATIONS’.

The closing date for the receipt of comments is 8 January 2016. Responses to this consultation will be considered to help shape proposals for the scheme as they develop. A consultation report will be published in spring 2016.

The remainder of this page describes our proposals in detail. To read about a specific element of our scheme, please click on the relevant link below:


Crossrail 2 factsheets and leaflets


General factsheets

Factsheet G1: Background to preferred route and option appraisal process

Factsheet G2: Crossrail 2 shafts

Factsheet G3: Building Crossrail 2 – our approach to minimising construction impacts

Factsheet G4: Our approach to managing noise and vibration

Factsheet G5: Service patterns

Factsheet G6: A typical Crossrail 2 station

Factsheet G7: Crossrail 2: train maintenance depots and stabling

Factsheet G8: Crossrail 2: regional and national benefits (17MB)

Factsheet G9: Crossrail 2: land acquisition, blight and compensation

Factsheet G10: Crossrail 2 and the environment (21MB)


Central core of route

Factsheet S1: New Southgate

Factsheet S2: Seven Sisters to New Southgate Route Options

Factsheet S3: Seven Sisters

Factsheet S4: Tunnelling worksite at Tottenham Hale

Factsheet S5: Dalston

Factsheet S6: Angel

Factsheet S7: Euston St. Pancras

Factsheet S8: Tottenham Court Road

Factsheet S9: Victoria

Factsheet S10: King's Road Chelsea

Factsheet S11: Clapham Junction

Factsheet S12: Wimbledon to Clapham Junction (inc. Balham)

Factsheet S12B: Tooting and Balham clarification information (to be read in conjunction with Factsheet S12)

Factsheet S13: Wimbledon

Factsheet S13B: Wimbledon clarification information (to be read in conjunction with Factsheet S13)


Regional branches

Factsheet NE1: Broxbourne to Waltham Cross

Factsheet NE2: Enfield Lock to Tottenham Hale

Factsheet SW1: New Malden, Motspur Park and Raynes Park

Factsheet SW2: Epsom to Worcester Park

Factsheet SW3: Chessington South to Malden Manor

Factsheet SW4: Hampton Court to Berrylands

Factsheet SW5: Shepperton to Norbiton



Leaflet to promote consultation - Broxbourne branch

Leaflet to promote consultation - Between New Southgate and Seven Sisters

Leaflet to promote consultation - Dalston, Tottenham Hale and Seven Sisters

Leaflet to promote consultation - Angel, Euston St. Pancras and Tottenham Court Road

Leaflet to promote consultation - Victoria, King's Road Chelsea and Clapham Junction

Leaflet to promote consultation - Wimbledon and Balham

Leaflet to promote consultation - South West branches


Drop-in events

We have organised a number of ‘roadshow’ events at which Crossrail 2 staff will be available to answer questions. All of the consultation documents will also be available to view at these events. These events will run from 2 November to 18 December. The November events are shown here, and the December events are shown here.


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