Section 4 - Woolwich Road/Eastmoor Street

Closed 16 Feb 2020

Opened 6 Jan 2020


Our proposals for this section are:  

  • Bus stop W on A206 Woolwich Road would be removed.  The bus services which call at this stop would call instead at bus stop V, which is 125m away (or roughly a two or three minute walk for most people). Bus stop V would additionally be sited on a new ‘bus stop bypass
  • We would improve the pedestrian crossings at the Royal Greenwich Trust School and the Windrush Primary School by making them wider and more direct, to make it easier and quicker for pupils and other people to cross the road safely.  We would also enable cyclists to use both crossings
  • A new, two-way segregated Cycleway running along the south side of the A206 Woolwich Road
  • An eastbound and westbound traffic lane would be re-designated as bus lanes, which would operate from 07:00 - 19:00 Monday to Saturday
  • We would plant new trees and provide additional landscaping to improve the look and feel of the area 

These proposed changes are illustrated in the drawing below.
In order to make it possible to introduce these improvements it may be necessary to remove several trees on the central reservation of the A206 Woolwich Road.  We believe however that it would be possible to plant a greater number of replacement trees. We have indicated in the plan below the location of those trees we believe would need to be removed and indicated where new trees might be planted. The exact locations would be selected following more detailed surveys.
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  • Greenwich


  • Anyone from any background


  • Cycling
  • Walking