Section 1 – Stratford gyratory: The Grove / Romford Road / Broadway

Closed 11 Feb 2013

Opened 7 Jan 2013




  • Mandatory 1.8 metre wide cycle lane westbound along Broadway
  • New cycle Advanced Stop Lines (ASLs)
  • Additional parking / loading bays at Tramway Avenue
  • Bus lane would replace bus only traffic signals at The Grove
  • New two way cycle track on The Grove
  • Exemption for cyclists in bus only contra-flow
  • Contra-flow cycle track and segregating islands around gyratory


The route starts at Broadway on Stratford Gyratory where a 1.8 metre wide mandatory cycle lane would run along Broadway by removing a small amount of footway and adjusting the existing traffic islands near Tramway Avenue.

At Tramway Avenue the pavement would be built out to provide a tighter turn for motorists to reduce their speed, reducing the risk of conflict with cyclists. Additional parking/loading bays would be provided on Tramway Avenue.

A contra-flow cycle lane on West Ham Lane would allow cyclists joining the route to avoid the busier Tramway Avenue junction.

Please note these proposals are subject to ongoing design reviews with Transport for London and the London Borough of Newham.


Better cycle route connections

Both The Grove and Romford Road which lead onto Broadway would have improvements to aid cyclists accessing the route.

Along The Grove, the existing traffic signal for buses only would be removed and replaced by a bus lane, in addition to widening of the footway.

Cyclists from The Grove wishing to access The Stratford Centre and additional cycle parking would use the existing pedestrian and cyclist crossing at The Grove to access a shared footway for pedestrians and cyclists next to the bus contra-flow.

Cyclists from Romford Road would be able to access existing cycle facilities past The Grove via a new two way cycle track instead of having to go around the gyratory.

Cyclists from Stratford High Street would be able to access Romford Road via the contra-flow bus lane. They would be protected from left turning vehicles by new segregating islands at Romford Road. Both The Grove and Romford Road would have new cycle Advanced Stop Lines (ASL) to allow cyclists to get ahead of other traffic.

The proposals have undergone traffic modelling analysis, which indicates that this would not have a significant impact on other road users.

View and download a large version of Barclays Cycle Superhighway Route 2 extension Section 1 plan.


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