Section 7: St Paul’s Way and Locksley Street

Closed 21 Jun 2019

Opened 9 May 2019


The area of Burdett Road around the south end of Mile End Park and along St Paul’s Way is particularly difficult for people walking to move around, with motor vehicles taking priority. Here our priority is to improve pedestrian crossings to make it easier, safer and more pleasant for people walking.

Summary of proposals

  • A new 20mph speed limit on Burdett Road and traffic calming measures
  • New traffic restrictions, including banned turns on Burdett Road/St Paul’s Way junction and road closure at Locksley Street/St Pauls Way junction
  • Banned left turn from Burdett Road (southbound) into St Paul’s Way
  • Banned left turn from St Paul’s Way into Burdett Road (northbound) 
  • Locksley Street to be closed to all traffic except cyclists; Clemence Street to be reopened at junction with Rhodeswell Road
  • Crossings to be made simpler by building out footway on the north western arm of St Paul’s Way junction, making it easier to cross the road
  • New and improved public and green spaces, including new paving and trees
  • Road resurfacing providing a more comfortable surface for cyclists, pedestrians and motor traffic
  • New traffic staging operation to help increase safety at St Paul’s Way/Burdett Road junction 

Improvements for cycling

  • New segregated two way cycle track on Burdett Road. The track would between minimum 2.8 metres  wide with a segregating kerb of  a minimum of 0.5 metres wide
  • Junction with St Paul’s Way redesigned so cyclists can safely pass through the junction north-south unopposed with their own low level cycle signals. Cyclists would proceed with ahead traffic to maximise green time whilst turning traffic is held back for safety reasons
  • Advanced stop lines for cyclists on the eastern and western arm of St Paul’s Way junction have been extended to 5.0 metres
  • New advance stop lines for cyclists on all approaches at the  St. Paul’s Way junction with Turners Road

Improvements for walking

  • St Paul’s Way junction with Burdett Road to be redesigned to simplify the crossing arrangement by reducing the number of crossing movements for pedestrians
  • New pavement resurfacing
  • Pavement widened on the  north western arm of St Paul’s Way creating more space for pedestrians and a shorter crossing distance 
  • Locksley Street closed to all traffic (except cyclists) creating more space for pedestrians and reduce rat running traffic
  • Pavement widened on Rhodeswell Road near the junction with Clemence Street

Changes to Buses

  • Bus stop MG to be relocated 75m to the north on a new bus stop by-pass
  • Existing northbound Bus Stop MB to be relocated 10m south on Burdett Road
  • New northbound bus lane on Burdett Road between Agnes Street and St Paul’s Way operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Changes to road design and layout

  • Burdett Road to become 20mph
  • Left turn ban from Burdett Road (southbound) into St. Paul’s Way
  • Left turn ban from St Paul’s Way (eastbound) into Burdett Road
  • Locksley Street closed to all traffic except cycles at the junction with St Paul’s Way. Clemence Street to be reopened at the junction with Rhodeswell Road
  • Pavement build-out to enforce banned left turn movement from St. Paul’s Way into Burdett Road northbound

Changes to Parking and loading 

  • All 'at any time' parking bays on Burdett Road, between St. Paul’s Way and Thomas Road  to be removed to accommodate new cycle track

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