Section 12: Defoe Road - Heathland Road

Closed 29 Mar 2015

Opened 16 Feb 2015



Section 12: Defoe Road - Heathland Road

This section would pass along lower-traffic residential roads, with cyclists using the carriageway. Proposals include:

  • Where CS1 crosses the busier roads at Manor Street and Stoke Newington Church Street, junctions redesigned to make journeys safer for all road users
  • New parking restrictions
  • Existing speed humps would be rebuilt with a smoother shape, allowing more comfortable journeys for all road users, with redundant hump removed
  • Roads along CS1 would be resurfaced to make journeys safer and more comfortable
  • Logos and signs would help wayfinding for cyclists
  • New cycle parking


CS1 Section 12

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Section 12: Defoe Road - Heathland Road


Safer junctions

  • Two new traffic islands on Stoke Newington Church Street provide safer movements for cyclists
  • New raised-table and enlarged footways to reduce traffic speeds and provide safer crossings for pedestrians and cyclists at junction of Heathland Road and Manor Road


  • Relocated Pay & Display parking bay at junction of Defoe Road and Stoke Newington Church Street
  • Doctor parking bay on Defoe Road removed and Pay & Display parking extended
  • 6 metres of single yellow line changed to double yellow line parking restriction on Defoe Road

Cycle parking

New cycle parking on Defoe Road and Bouverie Road

Speed control

Redundant speed humps removed from Bouverie Road and Defoe Road

Resurfacing roads

Where the following roads form part of CS1, they would be resurfaced to make journeys safer and more comfortable:

  • Heathland Road
  • Bouverie Road
  • Defoe Road

Impact on journey times

The proposed route for CS1 is expected to have minimal impact on other road users, including general traffic and bus passengers because, for much of its length, CS1 would run along residential streets, away from the majority of car, freight and bus traffic.

However, some changes in journey times for general traffic and buses are expected at the junction of Mildmay Road and Boleyn Road/Crossway, where CS1 crosses Old Street and Great Eastern Street, and at Balls Pond Road if option B is chosen.

For details, please read the CS1 traffic impact statement.



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