Section 3 - Avenue Road (south) – Westminster City Council section

Closed 20 Mar 2016

Opened 8 Feb 2016


Avenue Road to the south of Swiss Cottage would remain fully open to motor traffic. However, our proposals for the removal of the Swiss Cottage one-way system are likely to lead to a significant drop in the amount of traffic using Avenue Road, making it a much quieter and more pleasant environment to cycle, walk and live.


Proposals include:



Section 3 Avenue Road

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New mandatory cycle lanes on Avenue Road

  • We would provide a continuous 1.5 m wide mandatory cycle lane on both sides of Avenue Road
  • The centreline road markings would be removed to encourage slower vehicle speeds

Double yellow lines replace single yellow lines on Avenue Road

  • Existing single yellow lines would be replaced with double yellow lines. No waiting or loading would be permitted on Avenue Road at any time

New raised junctions at the junction of Avenue Road and Norfolk Road, and at the junction of Avenue Road, Allitsen Road and St Edmund’s Terrace

  • It is proposed to introduce raised junctions to reduce vehicle speeds and make it easier for pedestrians to cross the road at these junctions.

Dedicated signal phase for cyclists at the junction of Avenue Road and Prince Albert Road / entrance to The Regent’s Park

  • A separate signal would be provided for cyclists heading south from Avenue Road into Regent’s Park, to avoid conflict with turning vehicles

New straight-across signalised pedestrian crossings at the junction of Avenue Road and Prince Albert Road / entrance to The Regent’s Park

  • New straight across signalised pedestrian crossings would be provided on every arm of the junction

Restrictions for motor vehicle access to The Regent’s Park through North Gate

  • Motor vehicles access to The Regent’s Park through North Gate would be restricted, except between the hours of 11am and 3pm. Access for cyclists would be allowed at all times. Further information on proposals for Regent’s Park can be found in Section 4

How will this impact traffic?

These proposals would mean that journey times for general traffic and some bus routes would change. Some journeys would be expected to improve at certain times of day, particularly southbound traffic during the morning peak. Others would be expected to be longer at certain times of day, particularly around Swiss Cottage. The changes to the road layout and to park access would mean that some traffic would take a different route to get to its destination. Some borough roads would be likely to see an increase in traffic because of these proposals, while other borough roads would see a reduction in traffic volumes.

We would take a number of steps to ensure that the changes made along the route are balanced. TfL is investing in advanced traffic signal technology to allow us to better manage traffic depending on differing conditions at any given time, and we are working to improve road user information so people can make informed journey choices before they travel.

More detailed information on the traffic impacts of the CS11 proposals, including tables of the likely journey time impacts, can be found here.





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