Section 7 - Bromley High Street to Bow Roundabout

Closed 2 Nov 2014

Opened 23 Sep 2014


The Barclays Cycle Superhighway 2 (CS2) upgrade proposals include:


Improvements to Bow roundabout junction

  • The eastern extent of the proposed scheme would be Bow roundabout, where the CS2 upgrade would join the CS2 extension to Stratford.


Kerb-separated cycle tracks replace some pavement on Bow Road

  • The cycle track would be at carriageway level approximately 2 metres wide, narrowing to 1.5 metres at bus stop bypasses


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Parking and loading changes

  • Please see the detailed map for proposed changes to parking and loading in this section, including proposed changes to hours of operation


Bus stop changes

  • Bus stops on the route would become bus stop bypasses. The cycle route would continue behind the stop. Bus passengers would access a 2.5 metre wide waiting area by crossing the cycle track using a raised, marked crossing point. Bus stop bypasses are used elsewhere in London, the UK and Europe. They were recently introduced on Barclays Cycle Superhighway Route 2 between Bow and Stratford. A video showing how bus stop bypasses operate is available here
  • We would relocate eastbound bus stop Bow Church (E) 50m east of where it is now and combine it with bus stop Bow Church (G)
  • We would remove bus stop Bow Flyover (M)


Traffic capacity and pedestrian crossing time impacts

  • Our latest analysis shows the proposals would mean longer journey times for motorists and bus, coach and taxi passengers along most of the route, both during construction and once complete. There would also be longer journey times for users of many of the roads approaching the proposed route and longer waits for pedestrians at some signalised crossings
  • TfL is developing wider traffic management plans to help reduce the traffic impacts of this scheme and others, including those proposed by London local authorities and developers. This will include investing in advanced traffic signal technology to allow us to better manage traffic depending on differing conditions at any given time. There will also be customer information to enable road users to make informed journey choices and campaigns to encourage road users to check before they travel
  • Please click here for a summary of the benefits and impacts for other road users on routes through the proposed scheme area, including predicted changes to journey times


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