Angerstein roundabout - initial thoughts for improvements

Closed 16 Feb 2020

Opened 6 Jan 2020


The Angerstein roundabout is a particular problem for local people, acting as a major barrier for the community. Traffic at the roundabout is very high with a large proportion of HGVs making it dangerous and unpleasant for people walking and cycling and families travelling to and from local schools. The junction is difficult for people to navigate, with long waiting times to cross. There have been two fatal collisions at the roundabout in the last two years.

Our work to improve the Angerstein roundabout is at an earlier stage to the other sections of route included in this consultation. We are developing a concept for changes that could be made, although we will need to refine and test these over the coming months. Given the importance of the issues at the roundabout to local people however, we wanted to explain what improvements we think might be possible, to give you opportunity to give us your feedback on our thoughts so far. We will consider your comments about the roundabout while we undertake the further development and testing work that is necessary. 

Our work to develop proposals for the roundabout will be guided by our Healthy Streets approach 

The changes we are developing for improvements to the roundabout are:  

  • We would remove the central island to simplify the junction and make it easier to navigate for everyone. This would effectively mean that the junction would no longer be a roundabout
  • There would be a new fully segregated cycleway through the junction, with new signals to help people walking and cycling navigate the junction safely and easily
  • There would be new crossings for people walking; we will look carefully at where the new crossings should be located, to provide people with a simple and direct route through the junction
  • We would aim to improve air quality in the area by reducing the volume of traffic on the A206 Woolwich Road. We think it might be possible to do this by restricting access from the A206 Woolwich Road to the A102 Blackwall Tunnel Approach Road
  • We would explore what opportunities there are to improve the look and feel of the area. This could be by planting new trees, new landscaping, providing new community spaces or other public realm improvements
  • We would provide a new turning area for buses only, to help them navigate through the junction more quickly, benefitting bus passengers

These are illustrated in the drawing below. We would like to know any thoughts you have about our initial proposals, including any thoughts you might have about what improvements to the look and feel of the Angerstein junction we could consider.   

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  • Greenwich


  • Anyone from any background


  • Cycling
  • Walking