A232 Grove Road

Closed 12 Feb 2013

Opened 21 Jan 2013

Results updated 4 Mar 2013

We received seven responses to the consultation, three were from stakeholders and four were from members of the public.

Sutton Council and CTC Cyclism expressed support for the scheme as did one member of the public and the scheme was opposed by two members of the public.  Sutton Living Streets and one member of the public expressed no clear opinion of support or opposition.

After carefully considering all responses, we have made a decision.

We will be implementing the scheme as outlined in the proposal.

The full report can be found here:

Work will commence on the scheme on 11 March 2013 and will take approximately 5 weeks to complete.


Transport for London (TfL) and the London Borough of Sutton have jointly developed proposals to improve facilities for cyclists at the junction of the A232 Grove Road and Bridge Road in Sutton.

Why we consulted

The proposed improvements shown on the attached plan include:

  • Provide a raised platform across the entrance to Bridge Road to create a level crossing point for pedestrians and allow cyclists to access the footway along Grove Road.
  • Allow cyclists to share the area of footway between Grove Road and Bridge Road with pedestrians. This will enable cyclists to bypass the Sutton town centre gyratory system when approaching from the west to access quieter roads and speed up journey times. Cyclists will be able to access this footway without dismounting.
  • Making the footways and crossing points around Grove Road and Bridge Road more accessible for pedestrians.

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  • Sutton


  • Public
  • Stakeholders
  • Local residents


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