A24 Epsom Road Cycle Safety Improvements

Closed 11 Mar 2016

Opened 8 Feb 2016

Results updated 3 Feb 2020

Between 8 February and 11 March 2016 we consulted on proposals to improve facilities for cyclists along the A24 Epsom Road by providing a consistent cycle facility in both directions between Central Road and Lower Morden Lane.

We have now published our Consultation Report, which summarises how we sought views and ideas from the local community and stakeholders. The report includes our responses to the most common issues we received during the consultation.

We received 154 responses to the consultation, of which 55% of respondents opposed the proposals, 18% supported the proposals, 20% partially supported the proposals, 2% of respondents were not sure, 1% had no opinion and 3% did not answer the question.

Issues raised by respondents included traffic concerns, questions as to whether the scheme was necessary and requests, changes or enhancements to the proposed cycling provision. 

Following a review of the main issues raised and the results of the consultation we have decided not to proceed with the proposals that were consulted on. This is mainly because we did not receive the support of our key stakeholders, as well as concerns that were raised by local residents.

Our long-term intention is still to improve the cycling facilities at this location. We will discuss any new ideas carefully with stakeholders and local residents before a future scheme is devised.

Consultation report (PDF 1.21MB)

Response to issues raised (PDF 347KB) 


Update - 22 September 2016

We are still considering the responses to consultation. We expect to issue the results and set out our planned next steps and response to issues commonly raised later this year.

Update ends


We are proposing to improve cycle facilities along the A24 Epsom Road. In 2012 we consulted on phase one of the scheme which was to improve cycle facilities between Morden Town Centre and Central Road. We are now proposing a second phase of improvements to provide a consistent cycle facility in both directions between Central Road and Lower Morden Lane.

What are we proposing?

We propose the following:

  • Install a new wider continuous southbound cycle lane to replace the existing narrow inconsistent cycle lane
  • Install a new bus lane between Lower Morden Lane and Rougemont Avenue. This would be shared with cyclists to provide a continuous route for northbound cyclists
  • Upgrade the existing pedestrian crossing to a shared pedestrian/cyclist ‘toucan’ crossing. This would include a small section of shared footway to allow cyclists to access  the cycle lanes and crossing area
  • Upgrade the uncontrolled pedestrian crossing facilities,  including extending the tactile paving area
  • Improve visibility and safety for vehicles emerging from side roads by building out the kerb slightly
  • Build a wider, better aligned footway on the western side of the A24 Epsom Road junction with Lower Morden Lane

In order to make these changes we would need to:

  • Remove one traffic lane in each direction. Surveys and modelling results show that there would be no impact on traffic queues in the area
  • Trim back the central reservation

A24 Epsom

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We would like to know your views on our proposals. Depending on the views expressed during this consultation, we plan to implement the changes during spring 2017.

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