Section 2 - Harleyford Road (east) to Kennington Oval

Closed 14 Dec 2014

Opened 10 Nov 2014



Proposals include:

  • Segregated two-way cycle track replaces bus lane on Kennington Oval and the eastern end of Harleyford Road
  • Two shared pedestrian and cyclist crossings would provide links to other cycle routes
  • Changes to single red line extents and operating hours on Kennington Oval
  • Three bus stops would be relocated
  • CS5 would not cross the junction of Harleyford Road and Kennington Oval


More about the proposed cycle track

  • Track would replace westbound bus lane and 37 metres of eastbound bus lane
    • Track would be at footway level between Meadow Road and Vauxhall Grove
    • Small concrete ridge would provide visual and physical separation of the track from the footway
    • 0.5 metre gap between the edge of the cycle track and the road
    • Dropped kerbs would be provided at existing vehicle accesses
  • The cycle track would be 3 to 4 metres wide, reducing to 3 metres to accommodate traffic signals


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More about shared pedestrian and cyclist crossings

  • Improved shared use crossing and enlarged shared use footway on Harleyford Road, providing access to cycle route along northbound Kennington Oval (LCN3)
  • Improved 10 metre wide shared use crossing on Kennington Oval, providing access to cycle route along Meadow Lane (LCN3). Crossing also allows eastbound cyclists to access bus lane to continue along Kennington Oval


More about the relocated bus stops

  • Westbound bus stop and loading/disabled parking bay moved from Harleyford Road to Durham Street. Although the cycle track would be on the other side of the road compared to the previous proposals, the space needed for the track would mean the remaining traffic lane would not be wide enough for other vehicles to overtake stationary vehicles
  • Eastbound bus stop on Kennington Oval moved 40 metres east
  • Westbound bus stop on Kennington Oval moved 11 metres east


Change to single red lines on Kennington Oval

  • 27 metres of existing single red line parking restriction on Kennington Oval would be replaced by double red lines, meaning it would no longer be possible to park here at any time (currently permitted in the evenings and on Sundays)


Traffic impact of the revised proposals

Analysis based on the initial designs showed that the completed scheme would mean longer journeys at busy times for most motorists and bus, coach and taxi passengers along the route. We consider the impact to be acceptable, given the safety benefits CS5 would offer to the thousands of cyclists who pass through Vauxhall every day. The revised design along Harleyford Road would most likely have less of an impact than the previous design, as it provides more capacity for general traffic. However, we continue to study the traffic impact of these latest proposals.

TfL is developing wider traffic management plans for central London to help reduce the traffic impacts of this scheme and others, including those proposed by London local authorities and developers. This will include investing in advanced traffic signal technology to allow us to better manage traffic depending on differing conditions at any given time. There will also be customer information to enable road users to make informed journey choices and campaigns to encourage road users to check before they travel.

Where there are increases in journey times for bus routes impacted by the scheme, a programme of work is being developed to save time elsewhere along the affected routes by addressing delays and giving priority to buses at certain pinch-points.

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