Section C: The Mall and Horse Guards Road

Closed 29 Mar 2015

Opened 9 Feb 2015


We would introduce a new signalised junction at Horse Guards Road / The Mall / The Mall (North Horse Ride) in order to provide a dedicated cycle crossing across The Mall.

Proposals include:

  • New signalised crossing for cyclists across The Mall from Horse Guards Road and The Mall (North Horse Ride)

New signalised junction and dedicated cycle crossing at Horse Guards Road/ The Mall/ The Mall (North Horse Ride)

  • A new signalised junction would enable us to provide a dedicated crossing for cyclists across The Mall between Horse Guards Road and The Mall (North Horse Ride). The dedicated crossing would allow cyclists to cross from one side of The Mall to the other whilst other traffic is held at a red signal
  • Cyclists on Horse Guards Road would have a 1.5 metre wide approach lane, protected by islands at the cycle traffic signals and the start of the lane
  • No coloured surfacing would be used and the infrastructure would be removable to restore the full existing road width during major events and ceremonies

Section C - The Mall and Horse Guards Road (PDF)

Traffic impact of these proposals

The overall proposals for the East-West Cycle Superhighway are expected to mean longer journeys for motorists and bus, coach and taxi passengers at busy times, although we have made changes to the overall scheme to reduce the impact. Please see for more information. The proposed changes to the road layouts in the parks are not in themselves expected to have a significant impact on traffic, although motorists affected by the traffic restrictions at the junction of Storey’s Gate, Horse Guards Road and North Carriage Drive would need to find alternative routes.

TfL is developing wider traffic management plans for central London to help reduce the traffic impacts of this proposed scheme and others, including those proposed by London local authorities and developers. This will include investing in advanced traffic signal technology to allow us to better manage traffic depending on differing conditions at any given time. There will also be customer information to enable road users to make informed journey choices and campaigns to encourage road users to check before they travel.

Please click here for a summary of predicted journey time impacts through the overall scheme area for road users.

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