Section 4 – Warton Road / Rick Roberts Way to Sugar House Lane

Closed 11 Feb 2013

Opened 7 Jan 2013




  • Two metre wide segregated cycle lane would replace a general traffic lane in both directions
  • Cycle traffic signal bypass
  • New cycle Advance Stop Lines (ASLs)
  • Cycle bus stop bypases with crossing points for pedestrians
  • Relocate bus stop from east side of Abbey Lane to Stratford High Street  

Between Warton Road / Rick Roberts Way and Marshgate Lane, a new two metre wide segregated cycle lane is proposed by removing one of the three traffic lanes on Stratford High Street in both directions.  Break points in the segregation (at the same level as the carriageway) are proposed for drainage purposes and to allow cyclists to enter and exit the cycle lane such as immediately after the flyover.

At Stratford High Street eastbound opposite Abbey Lane, cyclists would be able to bypass the first traffic signals for motorists, meaning cyclists would be able to proceed through the junction without stopping when the crossing to the east of the junction is not called by waiting pedestrians.  New ASLs are proposed for cyclists to get ahead of other traffic, including those turning right into Abbey Lane. 

At both Abbey Lane and the Greenway the pedestrian crossings would be upgraded to pedestrian and cyclist crossings allowing cyclists to cross Stratford High Street without dismounting.

Near the Greenway, two cycle bus stop bypasses are proposed - where cyclists are directed behind the bus stop and along a cycle lane at carriageway level. This would reduce the risk of conflict between cyclists and general traffic, including buses pulling in and out of bus stops. There would be raised table to provide a crossing point for pedestrians to reach the bus stop island from the footway. The westbound bus stop would be relocated from the east side of Abbey Lane to prevent traffic blocking the junction.


The proposals have undergone traffic modelling analysis, which indicates that this would not have a significant impact on other road users.

View and download a large version of Barclays Cycle Superhighway Route 2 extension Section 4 plan.


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