Section 3 – Cam Road to Warton Road / Rick Roberts Way

Closed 11 Feb 2013

Opened 7 Jan 2013




  • Two metre wide segregated cycle lane would replace a general traffic lane in each direction
  • Cycle bus stop bypasses with crossing points for pedestrians
  • New and extended cycle Advance Stop Lines (ASLs)
  • Redesign Warton Road/ Rick Roberts Way junction to remove slip roads, introduce pedestrian and cyclist crossings, extended ASLs and two-stage right turn via new shared used footway

Between Stratford Gyratory and Warton Road / Rick Roberts Way, a new two metre wide segregated cycle lane is proposed by removing one of the three traffic lanes on Stratford High Street in both directions (including small sections of bus lane where still operating).


Between Cam Road and Carpenter’s Road, the bus stops would be converted to cycle bus stop bypasses - where cyclists are directed behind the bus stop and along a cycle lane at carriageway level. This would reduce the risk of conflict between cyclists and general traffic, including buses pulling in and out of bus stops. There would be a raised table to provide a crossing point for pedestrians to reach the bus stop island from the footway. 


At Carpenter’s Road, new ASLs would be provided and two new pedestrian crossings would be provided on the eastern side of the junction and on Carpenter’s Road itself.  Westbound, after Carpenter’s Road another cycle bus stop bypass would be implemented.

Junction of Warton Road/ Rick Roberts Way

At Warton Road / Rick Roberts Way major changes are proposed to the junction layout.  Proposals include reducing the size of the junction, removing the two slip roads on the side roads and building out the footway.  Removing the slip roads would reduce the potential for left turn conflict. This shared space would create a protected facility for cyclists joining the segregated cycle lane from the side roads.

The existing crossings across the side roads would be upgraded to pedestrian and cyclist crossings for less confident cyclists to cross the junction.  A lane of traffic, including one of the two existing right turn lanes into Rick Roberts Way, would be removed to provide a new two metre wide cycle lane.

The existing ASLs on Stratford High Street would be brought forward and extended to seven metres allowing cyclists to get ahead of traffic. 

Less confident cyclists could make the more difficult right turn from Stratford High Street onto Rick Roberts Way or Warton Road by proceeding straight across the junction and accessing the ASL on the side road via a dropped kerb and proposed shared footway with pedestrians and cyclists. They could then proceed straight across the junction when the traffic signals go green – a ‘two stage right turn’.  The right turn into Warton Road, currently prohibited, would be opened.

The proposals have undergone traffic modelling analysis, which indicates that there would be a minor impact on other road users, with slightly longer queues at busy times at Warton Road / Rick Roberts Way.

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