Section 7 - Woolwich Church Street/Frances Street

Closed 16 Feb 2020

Opened 6 Jan 2020


Our proposals for this section are:  

  • An eastbound and westbound traffic lane would be re-designated as bus lanes, which would operate from 07:00 - 19:00 Monday to Saturday. The eastbound bus lane would however stop at the junction with Leda Road and Frances Street, because there is not sufficient space to provide one from this point
  • The width of the footway near the junction of Woolwich Church Street and Leda Road would be reduced to make it possible to introduce a new two-way segregated Cycleway
  • A new, two-way segregated Cycleway running along the south side of the A206 Woolwich Church Street
  • The traffic signals at the junction of Leda Road and Venus Road would be changed to make it possible for cyclists to access the Cycleway 14 (Thames Path) under the protection of traffic signals. This would mean that traffic on Venus Road would need to wait a very short extra time for a green light at the junction
  • New signals to help cyclists safely navigate the A206 Woolwich Church Street/Leda Road/Frances Street junction
  • We would remove some of the existing planters near the junction with Leda Road because they have become associated with anti-social behaviour.  We would use the space for new planting and landscaping improvements
  • To the east of the junction of A206 Woolwich Church Street with Leda Road and Frances Street an eastbound traffic lane would be removed in order to provide space for the new Cycleway
  • The right turn filter lane for westbound traffic at the junction of A206 Woolwich Church Street with Leda Road would be shortened to provide space for the new Cycleway

 These proposed changes are illustrated in the drawing below.
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We have also prepared a stylised image to show how the improved junction could work.

Stylised image to showing how the improved junction at Frances Street would work



  • Greenwich


  • Anyone from any background


  • Cycling
  • Walking