Section 5 - Harrow Road slip to Westway

Closed 20 Mar 2016

Opened 8 Feb 2016


What are we proposing?

  • Segregated two-way cycle track replaces one general traffic lane eastbound

Segregated two-way cycle track replaces one general traffic lane eastbound

  • A 2.6 metre wide, two-way cycle track is proposed at carriageway level on the northern (eastbound) side of the road, replacing one general traffic lane, separated from other traffic by a 1.0 metre high vehicle restraint barrier
  • An additional screen to protect cyclists from vehicle spray and cross winds is being investigated, which would raise the height of the barrier to 1.8 metres
  • The existing parapet on the outside of the Westway would be raised to a height of 1.4 metres
  • Lighting would be provided within the cycle track, in accordance with British Standards


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Traffic impacts of these proposals

Our latest analysis shows that these proposals would change journey times for general traffic and some bus routes. We anticipate a significant change for some journeys through the scheme area. Some journeys for general traffic would get longer at the busiest times of day and some would get shorter. Bus journeys along Wood Lane and through the Paddington area would be unaffected in the morning peak, with some journeys becoming longer and some shorter in the evening peak.

Please click here for a summary of predicted journey time impacts through the scheme area for different road users, including a table summarising the traffic modelling results.

Complementary measures

The predicted traffic impacts do not take account of a range of additional complementary measures that would have beneficial impacts on journey times for buses and general traffic. This includes investing in schemes to address bus delays and give priority to buses at certain pinchpoints and providing road users with comprehensive and specific travel advice to help them avoid busy times and locations. We will continue to work with freight and servicing companies to support them to plan their activity to avoid the busiest times and locations. Through the creation of the new Roads and Transport Policing Command, we will target enforcement at the busiest locations and known hot spots to reduce delays and keep traffic moving.

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