Revised proposals for Barclays Cycle Superhighway Route 5 between Vauxhall and Oval

Closed 14 Dec 2014

Opened 10 Nov 2014

Results Updated 1 Aug 2019

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CS5 between Oval and Vauxhall gyratory

Between 10 November and 14 December 2014, we consulted on proposals for a revised design for the section of Barclays Cycle Superhighway Route 5 (CS5) between Vauxhall and Oval.

We received 268 responses to the consultation, of which 87% supported or partially supported our proposals. After considering all responses, we intend to proceed with the scheme, although with some changes to local parking and loading arrangements and minor design alterations at the bus stop bypass. The changes are:

  • Allow Sunday parking on single red lines along Harleyford Road. Due to concerns about the potential for this measure to cause congestion on Sundays, we will be monitoring the traffic flow closely after implementation
  • Increase the time allowed for short-term parking in the bays on the west side of Durham Street from 20 to 60 minutes
  • Provide a short-term loading bay on Vauxhall Grove where it meets Harleyford Road. This would provide further loading options for local residents, particularly during daytimes when other parking restrictions apply
  • Install a bus shelter without side panels at the stop on Harleyford Road that features a cycle track bypass, with the intention of increasing visibility for cyclists and pedestrians, as well improving bus stop access and capacity
  • Adjust the bus cage (road markings) on Harleyford Road to move the southern extremity of the stop approximately 5 metres southwards
  • Provide additional zebra crossings over the cycle track on Harleyford Road adjacent to the bus stop bypass, and at Albert Embankment (subject to Department for Transport approval)
  • Extend the dropped kerb outside Harleyford Court by approximately 4 metres to improve access to the adjacent private parking bay

For more information on this consultation, including public and stakeholder responses, please refer to our Response to Consultation CS5 between Vauxhall and Oval (PDF download).


Completion of CS5 between Oval and Pimlico

TfL will now recommend to its Board that CS5 progresses to construction as proposed in the consultation documents, subject to the changes described and potentially other minor design alterations.

Subject to a final decision by TfL Board on 4 February 2015, we plan to start preparatory works for CS5 later in February 2015. The main construction would start in April (following completion of the Traffic Regulation Order process) and continue until autumn 2015. Work on the scheme at Kennington Lane / Durham Street junction (which was included in this consultation) will start before any CS5 works, and details have been sent to local residents and businesses.

Construction will cause some disruption, although we will work to minimise the impact as much as possible. We will keep customers and road users potentially impacted by the construction activity informed of our plans and progress, including writing to local residents and businesses before undertaking work in their area.
We will provide road traffic information to help them better plan their journeys and make informed choices about how, where and when they travel and help to reduce the possible impact to their journeys.

Information on the public consultation that ran from 9 July 2014 to 14 September 2014

What we proposed:

Following this summer’s consultation on Barclays Cycle Superhighway Route 5 (CS5) between Oval and Belgravia, TfL intends to proceed with the overall scheme, but is inviting comments on revised proposals for the section of the route between Vauxhall gyratory and Kennington Oval.

The amended designs have been developed following further investigations and in response to feedback from residents and others.

Our plans for the other sections of the route are outlined in our Response to Consultation on CS5 between Oval and Belgravia.


The new proposals between Vauxhall and Oval include

  • Two-way cycle track replaces traffic lane or bus lane on south side of Harleyford Road, instead of north side
  • Bus stop bypass for cyclists on Harleyford Road
  • New cycle crossing at junction of Harleyford Road and Kennington Lane
  • New signalised pedestrian crossing on Durham Street
  • New pedestrian island with unsignalised crossings at junction of Durham Street and Kennington Lane and changed give-way priority


Elements of the previous scheme that would remain

  • Loading/disabled parking bay and eastbound bus stop moved from Harleyford Road to Durham Street.
  • Double red line parking restrictions replace single red lines on some sections of the road


Detailed proposals

Section 1: Vauxhall gyratory to Harleyford Road (west)

Section 2: Harleyford Road (east) to Kennington Oval


Benefits of the scheme compared to previous proposals

  • Dedicated crossing for cyclists at junction of Harleyford Road and Kennington Lane junction, meaning CS5 cyclists would no longer cross the existing pedestrian-cyclist shared island
  • Latest analysis shows reduced journey times for all road users, including motorists and bus passengers, compared with the previous proposal (see Traffic impact below)
  • Right turn from Harleyford Road into Kennington Lane would remain open for motorists
  • New signalised pedestrian crossing outside St Anne's Primary School on Durham Street would provide direct access to relocated bus stop
  • New 1.5 metre mandatory southbound cycle lane on east side of Durham Street, with link to CS5 across shared use area
  • CS5 would no longer cross Durham Street, meaning quicker cycle journeys
  • CS5 would not cross the junction of Harleyford Road and Kennington Oval and would instead cross the quieter side road Vauxhall Grove
  • Loading and disabled parking bay would still be moved from Harleyford Road, but to the east side of Durham Street rather than the west, providing easier access to The Beehive pub
  • Link from CS5 to the north-south cycle track on South Lambeth Road would be more direct


Traffic impact of the revised proposals

Analysis based on the initial designs showed that the completed scheme would mean longer journeys at busy times for most motorists and bus, coach and taxi passengers along the route. We consider the impact to be acceptable, given the safety benefits CS5 would offer to the thousands of cyclists who pass through Vauxhall every day. The revised design along Harleyford Road would most likely have less of an impact than the previous design, as it provides more capacity for general traffic. However, we continue to study the traffic impact of these latest proposals.

TfL is developing wider traffic management plans for central London to help reduce the traffic impacts of this scheme and others, including those proposed by London local authorities and developers. This will include investing in advanced traffic signal technology to allow us to better manage traffic depending on differing conditions at any given time. There will also be customer information to enable road users to make informed journey choices and campaigns to encourage road users to check before they travel.

Where there are increases in journey times for bus routes impacted by the scheme, a programme of work is being developed to save time elsewhere along the affected routes by addressing delays and giving priority to buses at certain pinch-points.


Public exhibitions

You can discuss the revised CS5 proposals with TfL staff at the following public exhibitions, which have been organised as part of the wider Vauxhall Cross consultation:

  • Saturday 22 November, 11am-4pm, St Peter’s Church, 310 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY
  • Wednesday 26 November, 6pm-9pm, Wheatsheaf Hall, Wheatsheaf Lane, SW8 2UP
  • Tuesday 9 December, 10am-6pm, Carmelita Centre, 41 Vauxhall Walk,
    SE11 5JT


What happens next?

We will review and consider comments received on these revised proposals. Subject to this process, we hope to start work on CS5 in spring 2015. We will write to people who leave their contact details to let them know our decision, and would write to residents and road user groups in advance of any construction work.


Co-ordination with the wider Vauxhall gyratory proposals

The CS5 designers have been working closely with those on the Vauxhall Cross project to ensure the schemes complement each other. The vast majority of CS5 is proposed to remain unchanged in the Vauxhall Cross scheme, although there might need to be some change to the Harleyford Road / Kennington Lane junction. The exact configuration of this junction will be reviewed following the consultation on the key principles of the Vauxhall Cross scheme, which closes on 19 December 2014.

CS5 is planned for delivery at least three years before the gyratory could be removed as part of the Vauxhall Cross scheme. However, the gyratory is a barrier to cycling now, and we have concluded that the benefits CS5 offers to cyclists are needed in advance of the longer term project, and that deferring construction of CS5 would delay tackling the existing safety issues.

You can have your say on the wider Vauxhall Cross proposals at That consultation closes on Friday 19 December.

Have your say on the revised proposals for CS5

We’re inviting comments on the revised proposals now, so please click here or on the link at the bottom of this page to take part in our survey .

The deadline for comments has been extended to Sunday 14 December 2014.


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