Summary of updates to CS1

Closed 29 Mar 2015

Opened 16 Feb 2015



Section 1: Sun Street - Paul Street

Parking bays removed to make space for new motor traffic free public space on Wilson Street

Section 5: Pitfield Street (south)

  • New loading bay on Chart Street
  • Parking bay removed from Pitfield Street, moved to Coronet Street


Section 6: Pitfield Street (junction with New North Road)

Parking removed from Pitfield Street, moved to New North Road (including Pay & Display parking and electric vehicle parking bays)


Section 7: Pitfield Street - De Beauvoir Road

  • Parking bay on Pitfield Street, south of Grange Street, reduced by 10 metres
  • New 43 metre parking bay on Hyde Road
  • Parking bay on De Beauvoir Road reduced by 5 metres


Section 8: De Beauvoir Road - Culford Road

  • New 8 metre parking bay on De Beauvoir Road, north of Northchurch Terrace
  • Parking bay on De Beauvoir Road, south of Northchurch Terrace, reduced by 8 metres
  • Parking bay at junction of De Beauvoir Road and Northchurch Terrace moved
  • Parking bay on Culford Road, north of Englefield Road, enlarged by 11 metres
  • Parking bay on Culford Road, north of Englefield Road, reduced by 4 metres
  • Parking bay on Ardleigh Road reduced by 3.5 metres


Section 9: Balls Pond Road - Options A and B

Parking bay on Kingsbury Road extended 3 metres


Section 10: Kingsbury Road - Wordsworth Road

  • Parking bay on Matthias Road reduced by 3 metres
  • New 15 metre parking bay on Wordsworth Road
  • New 10 metre parking bay on Boleyn Road


Section 13: Heathland Road – Holmdale Terrace

  • New double yellow line parking restrictions at the junction of Healthland Road and Fairholt Road
  • Double yellow line parking restrictions extended at the junction of Cranwich Road and Fairholt Road



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