Barclays Cycle Superhighway Route 5 - New Cross Gate to central London



Barclays Cycle Superhighways offer safer, faster and more direct cycling journeys into and across central London. They provide new cycle lanes and infrastructure to improve conditions for people who already commute by bike, and to encourage more people to cycle.

In December 2012, we consulted on proposals to introduce Barclays Cycle Superhighway Route 5 (CS5) between New Cross Gate and Victoria.

Having analysed the responses to consultation and reviewed the proposals in light of the Mayor’s new Vision for Cycling in London, we decided to substantially recast the previous proposals for some sections of CS5. An update on our delivery of the route is below. Further details of the consultation and our response to it can be found in our Response to consultation.



CS5 between Oval and central London

We are developing revised proposals for the section of Barclays Cycle Superhighway Route 5 (CS5) between Oval and central London. Consultation is planned for summer 2014.


CS5 between Oval and New Cross

The New Cross – Oval section of CS5 will open when we have finalised our previously-announced plans for semi-segregation. Semi-segregation will see all the bus and mandatory cycle lanes on this part of the route separated from the general traffic using measures such as cats’ eyes, rumble strips, traffic ‘wands’, or a combination. As the Vision stated, semi-segregation is our preference where we cannot do full segregation because it would cause too much disruption to buses. Semi-segregation is not being done immediately as we are trialling which form of separation works best.

The previously-announced road layout changes are largely complete (except as outlined in sections 6, 9 and 15).  These changes include new cycle and bus lanes, road resurfacing, and new junction layouts.  We will review these layouts as part of our work to install semi-segregation, to see if they can be even further improved for cyclists. Green cycle surfacing will be used until this part of the route is ready to be opened as a Barclays Cycle Superhighway.

We introduced a new 20mph speed limit in Camberwell town centre and an extended 20mph speed limit in New Cross in March 2014. Additionally, we are proposing a new 20mph speed limit in Peckham town centre, and will consult on this in summer 2014.



Major junction improvements at Oval – by end of 2015

We are developing substantial, fully-funded changes to the Oval junction to bring about safety and urban realm improvements for all road users. We will consult on our plans here  in 2014. We have therefore revised our previous proposals for the junction and will now deliver initial improvements here as part of Phase 1. Please see page 19 of the Response to consultation for more details. 

The full route of CS5 will be completed to the standards outlined in the Mayor’s Cycling Vision by the end of 2015.



CS5 east of New Cross

We are working with Lewisham Council to explore the feasibility of extending CS5 east of New Cross. We will deliver the previously-announced proposals as far as  the junction of Queen’s Road and New Cross Road, as we continue to develop improved proposals for the route east of that point.



New Quietway route in parallel to CS5

We are in discussions with the relevant local authorities with the intention of developing a high-quality cycle route on low-traffic back streets running parallel to CS5. 



What did we consult on?

Consultation on CS5 has now closed. The consultation ran between 3 December 2012 and 13 January 2013 (consultation on CS5 in Camberwell ran from 24 January to 8 March 2013). 

 The new route proposed substantial changes to the road layout to improve safety for cyclists, including:

  • More space for cyclists and buses, through reallocation of road space
  • New mandatory cycle lanes, all at least 1.5 metres wide
  • Improvements for cyclists at 52 junctions, including new Advanced Stop Lines, cycle feeder lanes, and speed reduction measures
  • An innovative cycle ‘early-start’ facility at Vauxhall Bridge Road/Millbank to help cyclists get ahead of traffic
  • Banning some turns for cars and lorries to reduce conflict with cyclists
  • Extended 20mph speed limit in New Cross 



Original proposals

Find out more about what we originally proposed for each section of the route by clicking  the links below. These designs do not reflect the changes outlined in the Response to consultation.

Section 1 – Vauxhall Bridge Road north (Neathouse Place to Charlwood Street)

Section 2 –Vauxhall Bridge Road south (Charlwood Street to Millbank)

Section 3 – Vauxhall Bridge Road / Millbank junction

Section 4 – Vauxhall Bridge

Section 5 – Vauxhall Gyratory

Section 6 – Kennington Oval / Harleyford Street

Section 7 – Oval Junction

Section 8 – Camberwell New Road

Section 9 – Camberwell Green

Section 10 – Peckham Road west (Benhill Road to Southampton Way)

Section 11 – Peckham Road east (Lyndhurst Way to Peckham Bus Station)

Section 12 – Peckham High Street / Queen's Road west (Peckham Bus Station to Carlton Grove )

Section 13 – Queen's Road (Carlton Grove to Pomeroy Street)

Section 14 – Queen's Road east (Pomeroy Street to Pepys Road)

Section 15 - New Cross (and other local cycling improvements in Lewisham)



Construction work

We plan to start work in July 2013. We’ll write to local residents before undertaking work. The route is planned to open in 2014. 


Having analysed the responses to consultation and reviewed the proposals in light of the Mayor’s new Vision for Cycling in London, TfL has decided to substantially recast the previous proposals for some sections of CS5. An overview of the changes is shown at the top of the page, with further details available in our Response to consultation.

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Consultation is Closed

Ran from 3 Dec 2012 to 13 Jan 2013

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