Section 1: Hackney (Frampton Park Road, Ainsworth Road, Skipworth Road and Gore Road)

Closed 21 Jun 2019

Opened 9 May 2019


These roads are currently low-traffic, residential roads with on-street parking. Our proposals would reduce speeds and help people cycling and walking move across the junction with Well Street more easily.

Summary of proposals

  • Route to connect to Quietway 2 (Q2) at Brenthouse Road
  • Cycle safety improvements including new traffic lights on the junction of Well Street and Frampton Park Road
  • Traffic calming and traffic reduction measures
  • Pedestrian improvements along the route including upgrades to pavements and crossings at junctions
  • Improved public realm, green space and new trees

Improvements for cycling

  • New signalised junction with cycle priority provided at Frampton Park Road and Well Street including advance stop lines for cyclists on all arms and early release for cyclists on the north/south route alignment
  • Reduced traffic levels as a result of new restrictions within Victoria Park (please see Section 2)
  • The road would be raised at the junctions of Ainsworth Road with Skipworth Road and Victoria Park Road and Skipworth Road to reduce the speed of turning vehicles
  • New cycle-friendly road humps to help slow traffic
  • New wayfinding to make it easier for cyclists to use these roads
  • Link between Quietway 2 and Victoria Park

Improvements for walking

  • Pedestrian crossing improved at Primrose Square (junction with Skipworth Road)
  • New traffic lights and pedestrian crossings at the Well Street junction with Frampton Park Road/Ainsworth Street
  • Pavement widened to create more space for walking on Skipworth Road (junction with Victoria Park Road)
  • Improved pedestrian crossing on King Edwards Road, junction with Ainsworth Road
  • Improved zebra crossing on the eastern arm of Victoria Park Road, junction with Skipworth Road
  • Improvements to the public space with new planting and trees on several junctions

Changes to buses

  • New signalised junction at the junction with Well Street, Frampton Park and Ainsworth Street. As this is a new set of signals, there will be some increase to bus journey times through this location. The existing eastbound bus lane is being retained and the predicted queues should not prevent buses entering the junction

Road design and layout

  • New traffic lights at Well Street and Frampton Park Road  with pedestrian crossings on all arms
  • King Edward’s Road junction with Ainsworth Road will be raised to slow vehicles, and redesigned to include new give-way lines and improved pedestrian crossings
  • Victoria Park Road junction with Skipworth Road will be raised to slow vehicles with new areas of pavement with planters and trees
  • Road will be resurfaced
  • New cycle friendly road humps along Gore Road, Skipworth Road, Ainsworth Road and Frampton Park Road to slow vehicles 
  • Central island at the junction of Ainsworth Road/King Edwards Road/Skipworth Road/Primrose Square to be replaced with low-level planters
  • New island with planting and trees on Gore Road, on the approach to Skipworth Road and Morpeth Road

Parking and loading

  • Removal of five parking bays on the northern arm of Frampton Park Road junction with Well Street and replaced with double yellow lines
  • Removal of five parking bays on the southern arm of Ainsworth Road junction with Well Street and replaced with double yellow lines
  • Removal of three parking bays on the western arm of Well Street, junction with Frampton Park Road
  • Removal of six parking bays on Gore Road (at the junction of Gore Road and Skipworth Road) and replaced with double yellow lines 
  • Removal of a total of seven parking bays along Gore Road and replaced with double yellow lines to create a passing opportunity

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  • Hackney
  • Tower Hamlets


  • Anyone from any background


  • Cycling
  • Junction Improvements
  • Roads
  • Walking
  • Urban realm improvements
  • Air Quality