Section 4: Mile End Road Junction with Burdett Road and Grove Road

Closed 21 Jun 2019

Opened 9 May 2019


Here, Grove Road crosses the wide and busy Mile End Road. Mile End Tube station, shops and local facilities are near by, resulting in lots of people walking around the area. Our proposals will make it safer for people cycling and walking here, as well as reducing the time they need to wait at crossings and lights. Bus users will benefit from faster journeys when travelling along the Mile End Road.

Summary of proposals

  • Pedestrian improvements including decreased wait times at pedestrian crossings and new pedestrian guard rail
  • Grove Road approach to Mile End Road (southbound) reduced to two lanes and pavement widened   
  • Reintroduction of the right turn from Burdett Road into Mile End Road
  • New banned left turn from Mile End Road to Burdett Road, except cyclists
  • Additional westbound traffic lane through the junction on Mile End Road
  • Connection to CS2 
  • Relocation of cycle hire docking station to the eastern side of Mile End Station between Maplin Street and Southern Grove

Improvements for cycling

  • Reduced wait time for cyclists on all approaches to the junction
  • New signs and lines to make it easier for cyclists to cross the junction
  • Southwest corner of the junction tightened to improve safety for cyclists
  • Link between CS2 and the new Cycleway   

Improvements for walking

  • Junction operation improved to reduce wait times at crossings on all arms of the junctions
  • Pavement widening on the northeast corner of the junction (Grove Road) and the southern arm of the junction (Burdett Road) 
  • New guard rail on the northwest corner of the junction

Changes to Buses

  • Additional westbound lane on Mile End Road and improved Junction operation will help reduce bus journey times through the junction along Mile End Road

Road design and layout

  • Right turn into Mile End Road from Burdett Road reintroduced
  • Left turn ban from Mile End Road junction into Burdett Road. To mitigate any rat running through local roads Tower Hamlets Council is investigating further measures around Southern Grove and Hamlets Way which will be consulted on next year
  • Junction operation changed to improve efficiency

Changes to parking and loading 

  • Loading bay removed on the southern arm of the junction, the adjacent pavement will be widened

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