We want your views on the first phase of our proposals to transform streets in south-east London between Greenwich and Woolwich

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Closes 16 Feb 2020

Our proposals

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1. Thinking about our proposals for the section from A206/Anchor & Hope Lane to A206 Woolwich Ferry roundabout, what effect do you think they will have on the way people choose to travel?
Using public transport
Using motor vehicles for personal journeys
Using motor vehicles for business journeys

It would help us if you could use the space below to explain your answers to the question above. If you are commenting on a particular neighbourhood or junction, please mention it to help us analyse the responses.

2. Please let us know if the proposals for the section from A206/Anchor & Hope Lane - A206 Woolwich Ferry roundabout would have a positive or negative impact on you or the journeys you make. Please explain how, and how we could minimise any negative impacts. Please also let us know if you have any feedback about any specific effects our proposals might have on any particular junction or local area.
3. We have explained that we will be developing proposals for changes to Angerstein roundabout and that these will be subject to a separate consultation. We would like to know any view you have about this potential section of route which we can then take into account when we are developing our proposals. We would also like to know any thoughts you might have about what improvements to the look and feel of the Angerstein junction we could consider. Please record any of your thoughts below.
4. Are you responding as (please tick all that apply):
5. How often, on average, do you travel using each of these forms of transport?
Using public transport
Using a motor vehicle for a personal or business journey