Quietway 5 (Waterloo to Croydon) - Proposed changes in Lambeth - Cavendish Road and Estreham Road

Closed 10 Mar 2016

Opened 10 Feb 2016


Update 31 August 2016

In February 2016, working with our partners the London Borough of Lambeth, we consulted on proposals for the Estreham Road on the Quietway 5 route – Waterloo to Croydon. We have produced a report summarising the background, responses and outcome for the consultation in this area.

Estreham Road

There were 139 responses to the proposals for this scheme of which 78 (56 per cent) supported or partially supported the proposals, 51 (37 per cent) did not support or were unsure of the proposals, and 10 (seven per cent) had no opinion.

Of the 139 responses, 127 (91 per cent) were received from the public and 12 (nine per cent) from stakeholder groups.

Main issues raised in the Estreham Road consultation:

  1. Access restrictions due to one way no entry system
  2. Congestion on surrounding roads
  3. Design and location of the traffic filter


How Lambeth Council plans to proceed

Having considered all responses to the consultation and reviewed the proposals, it is the intention to proceed with the scheme design that has been consulted on, with implementation via a six-month trial. Whilst the concerns of some respondents are acknowledged, the council considers that the proposal will make Estreham Road a safer and more enjoyable place for residents and for those on bikes.

The scheme is intended to be introduced as a six-month trial in order to assess the impact of the changes. Lambeth Council will conduct pre and post implementation monitoring during this period.

The six-month trial period will form a further public consultation period in relation to the proposals, and any representations received during this period in support or opposition to the scheme will feed into the assessment process.

At the end of the six-month trial period, the council will take a decision as to whether to make the scheme permanent (by introducing a permanent traffic order), or to remove the one-way closure. 

Construction of the scheme is planned to begin in September/October 2016. Lambeth Council will write to local residents and businesses with details of the planned works.

For a summary of this consultation and Lambeth Council’s response to issues raised, please see their Response to Consultation, available at: https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/consultations/quietway-5-cycle-route-waterloo-to-croydon-estreham-road-series-5

End of update.

The Lambeth section of Quietway 5 route starts at Baylis Road through to Tooting Bec Common and extends to the border of London Borough of Croydon.

Cavendish Road (four locations)

It is planned that Quietway 5 cycle route would pass through the locations below, and we would like to know your views on the proposed changes for these sections of the route:

  • Install raised tables at the junction of Cavendish Road and Cathles Road and the junction of Cavendish Road and Kenilford Road
  • Introduce cycle friendly speeds humps along the length of Cavendish Road (see design for approximate locations)
  • Build out footways at the junction of Cavendish Road/Old Devonshire Road and Cavendish Road/Weir Road
  • Raised junction entry treatment at Old Devonshire Road
  • Raise the existing zebra crossing on Emmanuel Road

Estreham Road

It is planned that Quietway 5 cycle route would pass through the location below, and we would like to know your views on the proposed changes for this section of the route:

  • Trial to restrict access to Estreham Road for northbound motor traffic at the existing zebra crossing outside Streatham Common Station
  • Retain two-way cycle traffic through existing zebra crossing

The six month trial to restrict access is designed to allow motor vehicle access to the train station, but reduce the volume and speed of motor traffic on Estreham Road. A traffic island and tree is proposed to be installed – please see design.

Estreham Road is currently used as a ‘rat-run’, with non-local motor traffic using this road to avoid the traffic signals at the junction of Greyhound Lane and Streatham High Road. Southbound motorists would still be able to access the road here as they currently do.

What are Quietways?

Quietways will be a network of high quality, well signed cycle routes throughout London, mostly using backstreets. The routes will link key destinations and are designed to appeal to new and existing people that cycle who want to use quieter, low-traffic routes. Quietways will complement other cycling initiatives in London, such as the Cycle Superhighways.

To learn more about the Quietways cycle routes please visit tfl.gov.uk/quietways

Proposals in more detail

Please see the proposed changes and designs on the Lambeth consultations website.

When is the work likely to start?

Subject to consultation, we would plan to start construction during summer 2016.We will contact people affected closer to the time to let them know exact dates when work will be carried out.


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