Section 3 - Farringdon Road and Saffron Hill (between Charterhouse Street and St. Cross Street)

Closed 20 Mar 2016

Opened 8 Feb 2016


Update 1 August 2019

The cycle routes that used to be called Cycle Superhighways and Quietways are now known as Cycleways. These are routes that link communities, businesses and destinations across London in one cycle network. To find out more, please visit our website:

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The North-South Cycle Superhighway route would split between Greville Street and Ray Street. Northbound cyclists would be directed onto a quiet back-street route on Saffron Hill and Herbal Hill. Southbound cyclists would remain on Farringdon Road in a segregated cycle track. The entire route would be supported by wayfinding signage and road markings.

Segregated cycle lanes on Farringdon Road between Charterhouse Street and Greville Street

  • Northbound and southbound cycle tracks would be at carriageway level on Farringdon Road
  • The cycle lanes would be a minimum of 1.8m wide, allowing space for overtaking
  • Cyclists would be separated from other traffic by a segregating island 0.3m wide
  • The carriageway would be narrowed to create space for the cycle tracks, but with no net loss of traffic lanes.

Southbound stepped cycle track replaces one southbound bus lane on Farringdon Road

  • The raised cycle tracks would be between footway and carriageway level on the eastern side of Farringdon Road
  • The track would be 2.5m wide allowing space for overtaking
  • There is insufficient width available for bus stop bypasses, so the segregation would be broken for the bus stops to allow buses to access the kerb and cyclists to go around. Only the route 63 runs along this section of Farringdon Road.

Stepped cycle tracks are vertically separated from the footway and main carriageway

Northbound Quietway back-street route on Saffron Hill; Traffic restrictions on Greville Street, Kirby Street and St Cross Street

  • Greville Street would be closed to motor traffic between Saffron Hill and Farringdon Road with a new 2m wide segregated cycle lane for northbound cyclists connecting to Saffron Hill
  • Greville Street would be for access only for traffic at Kirby Street to reduce through traffic on Saffron Hill
  • Kirby Street converted to one way northbound for traffic to reduce the number of vehicles using Saffron Hill
  • St Cross Street converted to one way eastbound between Kirby Street and Saffron Hill to allow traffic to access Farringdon Road from Kirby Street
  • Junction priorities changed at Saffron Hill with St Cross Street giving priority to northbound cyclists.

Changes to parking and loading restrictions

  • All single red lines would be replaced by double red lines (no stopping at any time)
  • Single yellow lines would be replaced by double yellow lines (no parking / waiting at any time) on Greville Street between Saffron Hill and Kirby Street
  • Single yellow lines would be replaced by double yellow lines with double blips (no waiting / loading at any time) on Saffron Hill to maintain space for northbound cyclists during peak times. In areas of high frequency loading (at numbers 32-38, 44, 104-105 and 125 Saffron Hill), double yellow lines with single blips (loading at off peak times only) would be maintained to allow loading off peak
  • Motorcycle and parking bays on the east side of Kirby Street would be relocated to the west side and replaced with double yellow lines with double blips (no waiting / loading at any time) to allow sufficient space for larger vehicles. No net loss to parking
  • New loading bay proposed on south side of Greville Street.

Pedestrian improvements

  • Footways widened on Greville Street to make more space for pedestrians
  • Greville Street and Cowcross Street would be closed to motor traffic and the iunction would be converted to a wide to toucan crossing for pedestrians and cyclists. The traffic lanes approaching the crossing would be raised to footway level to reduce the speed of vehicles at the crossing
  • Footways widened on the east side of Kirby Street
  • Entry to disused vehicle access points on Kirby Street at the eastern side of Farringdon Road would be raised to footway level to provide a continuous level footway for pedestrians and encourage vehicles to slow down when entering or exiting.

Urban realm improvements

  • Reduced street clutter
  • Additional tree planting, seating and cycle stands on Greville Street
  • Improved footway materials on Greville Street to match footway outside Farringdon station.

Temporary arrangements during Crossrail construction

  • The carriageway space will be limited by the construction hoardings on Farringdon Road between Charterhouse Street and Greville Street. During this period, northbound cyclists would continue as they do currently in a wide traffic lane while southbound cyclists would have a semi-segregated lane separated from traffic by vertical wands.

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Please click here for a table showing predicted changes to journey times on routes through the proposed scheme area.

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