Have your say on a development above the proposed new second entrance for Camden Town Underground station on Buck Street

Closed 8 Feb 2017

Opened 11 Jan 2017


Update 17 February 2017

Thank you to everyone who responded to the consultation. We are currently analysing the responses and will publish a report on the consultation on this page.

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We are proposing to substantially upgrade the capacity of Camden Town station.

Our previous consultation camden-town-station-upgrade in autumn 2015 focused on proposals for improving the station, but we would now like to discuss our plans for the building above and around a potential new second station entrance on Buck Street.

We are proposing a residential led mixed use scheme, varying in height from four to seven storeys. We would like to include commercial space for small businesses at lower levels, and approximately 60 to 70 new homes across the upper levels. We expect 35 per cent or more to be affordable housing, as part of our overall target for 50 per cent affordable housing across our sites.

Before we apply for planning permission for the development we would like your views on our proposals.

We are holding a public consultation from 11 January to 8 February 2017, with a public exhibition showing our plans at the Arlington Conference Centre, 220 Arlington Road, London, NW1 7HE on:

  • Thursday 19 January 16:00 – 20:00
  • Friday 20 January 10:00 – 14:00
  • Saturday 21 January 11:00 – 15:00

The display boards from the public exhibition can be downloaded here (PDF) document.


Project background

Understanding the local setting

Our proposal will deliver homes and businesses

The detail of our proposals

The public space around the station

Next steps

Have your say

Project background

We are improving Camden Town Tube station. We aim to:

  • Ease congestion
  • Increase space to allow for growth in passenger numbers
  • Ensure the station does not have to routinely operate as exit-only
  • Provide step-free access to all trains

The existing station is too small to allow this much needed expansion. So, we are working with Camden Council to develop designs for a new station entrance on Buck Street, about 100m north of the current station entrance.

Please click here to view larger map (PDF).

In order to construct the new entrance, we must demolish a number of buildings around Stucley Place, Buck Street and Kentish Town Road. Once the new station entrance is complete, the Buck Street site will create an opportunity to build much needed housing above the new station along with retail and commercial space. 

We are supporting the Mayor in addressing the challenges London faces by providing new homes and jobs in the best connected parts of the Capital. This development is part of our plan to deliver 10,000 homes across the Capital using our existing assets. The Buck Street site forms part of our wider commercial approach to use our assets to generate non-fare revenue. This is re-invested to deliver a modern and affordable public transport network.

Understanding the local setting

The Buck Street site sits in the heart of Camden in a built-up urban area. The existing buildings on the site do not fill it entirely. The new station entrance and development above it will occupy the full extent of the site.

Understanding the impact of this on neighbouring buildings is an important factor in establishing a design which:

  • Has an acceptable impact on the daylight and outlook enjoyed by property owners who overlook the site
  • Respects the setting of the Trinity United Reformed Church
  • Improves the appearance of the town centre and limits its impact on the Camden Town and Regent’s Canal Conservation Areas which border the site
  • Creates a development that is in keeping with the nearby quiet of Stucley Place, the more typical side-street of Buck Street, and the busier Kentish Town Road which forms one of Camden Town’s primary streets
  • Establishes a mix of active street-level uses which provide a sense of safety and security at all times of day and night

The new entrance will also impose some restrictions on the design of the building above the station and the surrounding area. These include the need to:

  • Create a forecourt in front of the station entrance
  • Accommodate station support activities (such as refuse collection, fire escape routes, ventilation and safety equipment) at street level
  • Keep the station entrance and the area above the escalators separate from the stairs and lifts that will serve the development above
  • Create a suitable ‘deck’ above the station that is strong enough to support the development

These considerations have informed our designs for the layout, uses and scale of the development over the station.

Please click here to view larger map (PDF).

Our proposal will deliver homes and businesses

We would like to include commercial space for small businesses at the lower levels to replace some of the workshops being removed to accommodate the new station entrance. On the upper levels we want to build high quality new homes that assist in addressing the housing needs in Camden. Our initial designs therefore allow for:

  • To deliver around 60-70 new homes and we will seek to maximise the number of affordable homes. We have an overall target of 50 per cent affordable housing across our sites, and the exact level on this scheme will be determined as the detail of the project progresses, subject to the normal viability tests. At this stage we are targeting a policy compliant scheme and expect to achieve a minimum of 35 per cent
  • Balconies or roof terraces
  • A landscaped courtyard will provide a place for residents to relax and play
  • Entrance lobbies for residents located on Stucley Place and Kentish Town Road
  • Space along Stucley Place and Kentish Town Road on ground and first floor levels for small businesses
  • Retail space adjacent to the station entrance
  • Spaces for secure cycle parking and refuse collection with direct access at street level

There will be no parking for new residents. The existing pay-for parking bays and Blue Badge space will be retained in the area but are likely to be re-organised to improve walking routes to the proposed new station and to ensure its forecourt is fully secure.

Please click here to view large map (PDF).

Please click here to view larger map (PDF).

The details of our proposals

Our initial design proposals are for a residential led mixed use scheme, varying in height from four to seven storeys.

Please click here to view larger map (PDF).

We will be developing the appearance and materials of the new building in more detail once we have had an opportunity to consider your comments. Our design approach will be based on a high quality contemporary design which responds to the character of the immediate area.

We will work predominantly with natural materials that are constructed so they weather well and give a sense of permanence and quality.

The proposals are illustrated here. Key elements of the design include:

  • A building form that ‘stitches together’ the fences and boundary walls that currently form the north side of Buck Street and the south end of Stucley Place to create a more continuous street frontage
  • A building which is in keeping with the scale of the surrounding streets. A lower block of four storeys on Stucley Place to retain its mews-like character, a five storey facade on Buck Street and a taller elevation of between five and seven storeys addressing the larger scale of Kentish Town Road
  • The use of set-back top floors to soften the roof profile of the new building and to create roof terraces for use by residents
  • A generous internal courtyard giving new residents a suitable outlook and providing privacy for existing buildings
  • Careful positioning of new windows and balconies on Stucley Place to protect the privacy of buildings on the other side of this narrow street.

Please click here to view larger map (PDF).

Please click here to view larger map (PDF)

Please click here to view larger map (PDF).

Please click here to view larger map (PDF).

The public space around the station

Following the opening of the new station entrance the number of pedestrians on Buck Street and Stucley Place will increase significantly - to make this safe and attractive it will be necessary to re-think the way in which private vehicles and pedestrians use the streets. This presents an opportunity to improve the public realm to deliver a better pedestrian environment and to help make it safer and more attractive.

Please click here to view larger map (PDF).

These alterations are expected to incorporate:

  • A new public space in front of the station entrance that provides a better place to circulate and meet people – this may require closing the central section of Buck Street to private vehicles
  • More space for pedestrians by widening the pavements and reducing the road widths to the west of the station – this may involve the introduction of a one-way street
  • Introducing loading spaces on Buck Street and Stucley Place for existing businesses
  • Reviewing the location of blue badge bay and pay-for parking
  • An access point at the eastern end of Buck Street that will allow maintenance and emergency vehicles to access the station and the Trinity United Reformed Church, as well as providing a link to the east end of Camden Market (Buck Street)

Please click here to view larger map (PDF).

These changes are being developed in discussion with Camden Council. They remain at an early stage of development and will need to be updated once the design of the station has progressed.

We will not be applying for planning consent for these street alterations as part of our application for the development over the station. However, we are sharing our thoughts now so that you have an understanding of how the area is likely to look.  Camden Council, as the local highway authority, is responsible for any changes to local streets and will lead the consultation on any changes.

Next steps

Your comments on our initial design proposals are important to us as they will help us refine the design so that it responds to the views of the local community. All feedback will be considered alongside housing and planning policy constraints and those placed on the site by the operational requirements of the station to refine the details of our design.

We will publish a summary of your comments and how we have responded to the issues raised and also present these to a Developers Forum to be hosted by the Council in spring 2017.

We will tell you when our planning application is submitted so you have an opportunity to comment during Camden Council’s formal planning determination period.

We will seek powers to carry out the station capacity upgrade separately from the development over the station. The scale of the station works and its impact on the wider Underground network means that we will apply to the Secretary of State for Transport for a Transport and Works Act Order (TWAO).

We will be holding a further consultation in the spring about our detail designs for the station capacity upgrade. Following this we will submit our TWAO application, which is likely to result in a public inquiry before the Government makes a decision.

Have your say

We would like to hear your views on our proposals for the development above the new station entrance.

Please give us your views by completing the online survey below by 8 February 2017.

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