Closes 31 Dec 2021

Opened 1 Jul 2020


As London continues to emerge from the lockdown there will be a growing number of people arriving at London Bridge and Liverpool Street stations wishing to continue their onward journeys. We intend to build new temporary improvements to help these people travel on foot, by bike or by public transport along the A10 Bishopsgate corridor, from the northern end of London Bridge to Shoreditch High Street.  

The map below shows an overview of the changes we will be making.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Bishopsgate overview map (PDF 3.65MB)

The changes we are making are:

Introducing bus and cycle-only access to prevent other traffic using the A10 Bishopsgate corridor, and reallocating road space for walking, cycling and public transport passengers only. Gates are being installed to prevent access by vehicles (except buses) and these will operate from Monday to Friday, between 07:00 - 19:00. This is in line with other closures introduced by the City of London on other roads nearby. The specific changes are:

  • South of Middlesex Street (Southbound only)
  • North of Liverpool St (Northbound only)
  • South of Threadneedle Street (Southbound only)
  • Gracechurch Street (Northbound and Southbound at Monument)

Introducing several banned turns to encourage traffic away from the corridor. The banned turns will be in place 24 hours a day, and permitted movements for all vehicles will now include:

  • Worship Street (left only except buses)
  • Artillery Lane (left turn only)
  • Middlesex Street (left turn only)
  • Liverpool Street (right turn only out)
  • Cornhill (ahead and left only)
  • Lombard Street (remains ahead and left only)
  • Fenchurch Street (left only)
  • Gracechurch Street at Fenchurch Street (in a northbound direction, ahead only, except for buses and cycles who may turn right and cycles who may turn left)
  • Widening footways to provide more space for pedestrians to safely social-distance  

These temporary measures will still provide access for servicing and taxis for most of the corridor. The only locations where no motor vehicles would be permitted from 07:00 - 19:00 Monday to Friday would be Middlesex Street to Liverpool Street and Leadenhall Street to Fenchurch Street. Access for these locations would be from either end of the closed section.  

The pack of maps below illustrates these changes in more detail.  

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Bishopgate layout maps (PDF 396KB)  

The designs illustrated in the maps above are subject to change because we will be monitoring the effects of these temporary changes over the coming months. We will also be listening to feedback from the public and other stakeholders. Where we believe that it is necessary to make adjustments to the temporary changes, we will do so.  

Although we are not undertaking a formal consultation on any Streetspace schemes, we would like to know about your experiences of them. If you have any comments about the effects of our scheme, or suggestions for changes or improvements we might make, please let us know at: 

We will continue to monitor the effects of these temporary changes over the coming months. This includes their effects on traffic flow, road safety and cycling and walking rates. We have written to local people, businesses and other stakeholders to explain what changes we have made and encouraged them to provide us their views and experiences of the changes. We will listen carefully to the feedback we receive.

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