Chariot Transit UK Ltd - Shooters Hill Shot - LSP09010 Variation

Closed 10 Sep 2018

Opened 13 Aug 2018


Update 23 October 2018:

Application outcome:

Stop at Moordown outside no. 162 refused. Route instead amended to pick up and set down in Shrewsbury Lane, operating via Ankerdine Crescent instead of Moordown and Donaldson Road.

Re-routeing to serve Westcombe Park Station via Westcombe Hill refused. Frequency increase approved.

Application to vary London Service Permit LSP0910


Chariot Transit UK Ltd


Feathers Wharf

Smugglers Way


SW18 1YL


Shooters Hill Shot


Shooters Hill


North Greenwich Station

Period of operation

Mondays to Fridays except Public Holidays

Service Introduction Date

29 October 2018



Chariot Transit UK Ltd has applied to TfL to amend the Shooters Hill Shot to serve Westcombe Park Station (as a result of significant customer requests) and other new stops as follows:

Revised Route

Towards North Greenwich (mornings only)

Main Route

Plum Lane, Dalin Road, Eglinton Hill, Condover Crescent, Moordown, Ankerdine Crescent, Shrewsbury Lane, Donaldson Road, Shooters Hill Road, Corelli Road, Holburne Road, Dursley Road, Hargood Road, Begbie Road, Hervey Road, Shooters Hill Road, Old Dover Road, Stratheden Road, Vanbrugh Park, Westcombe Hill, Woolwich Road, Blackwall Tunnel Southern Approach, Blackwall Lane, Millennium Way

Alternative Route (in the event of traffic congestion) 

As main route above to Woolwich Road, then Peartree Way, Commercial Way, Southern Way, West Parkside (Busway), Edmund Halley Way, Millennium Way

Towards Shooters Hill (afternoons only)

Main Route

Millennium Way, Peartree Way, Horn Lane, Woolwich Road, Combedale Road, Westcombe Hill, Charlton Road, Stratheden Road, Old Dover Road, Blackwall Lane, Blackwall Tunnel Southern Approach, Shooters Hill Road, Hervey Road, Begbie Road, Hargood, Road, Dursley Road, Holburne Road, Corelli Road, Shooters Hill Road, Donaldson Road, Shrewsbury Lane, Ankerdine Crescent, Moordown, Condover Crescent, Eglinton Hill, Dalin Road, Plum Lane

Alternative Route (in the event of traffic congestion) 

Millennium Way, Edmund Halley Way, West Parkside (Busway), Southern Way, Commercial Way, Peartree Way, Horn Lane, Blackwall Tunnel Southern Approach, and then as main route above


Additional Picking Up and Setting Down Points

The following stops would be added to the Permit:

Towards North Greenwich

Shooters Hill Road – Stop SN (19686)

Shooters Hill Road – Stop SP (3165)

Shooters Hill Road – Stop SQ (19688)

Westcombe Hill, Royal Standard – Stop BA (13536)

Westcombe Hill – Stop 17823

Westcombe Hill, Westcombe Park – Stop A (17821)


Towards Shooters Hill

Westcombe Hill, Westcombe Park – Stop B (17820)

Westcombe Hill – Stop 17822

Charlton Road, Royal Standard – Stop BD (44007)

Shooters Hill Road – Stop SB (19689)

Shooters Hill Road – Stop SC (4662)

Shooters Hill Road – Stop SD (19687)


In addition, the current stopping points towards North Greenwich as follows:

Donaldson Road – public highway at roundabout

Moordown – public highway outside no. 162

would be amended to:

 Moordown – public highway outside no. 201

Shrewsbury Lane – Shooters Hill, The Bull, stop WN (BP2373)

Shrewsbury Lane – Shooters Hill, The Bull, stop 35849



Frequency increased from buses up to every 10 minutes to up to every 8 minutes.


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