Urban Greenery

Closed 26 Nov 2019

Opened 15 Oct 2019


Much of the feedback we received in our first consultation focused on the need to provide more green space in the area. In response to this, our proposals will strengthen the existing greenery on Isabella street, providing more trees and foliage. 

“Ecological sound development, solar panels, green walls - cooperating with local people in an involved way as partners, not top down. A positive example of how development could happen in London.” – Consultation One respondent  

We are using innovative design to incorporate greenery across the building’s terraces, making it a landmark building for the future. As requested by the TMO, these terraces will also limit overlooking into the Styles House estate and will be populated with a diverse range of plants. 

Sketch of balcony

Sketch from balcony


  • Southwark


  • Anyone from any background


  • Station Development