Our Vision: Southwark Over Station Development

Closed 29 Jul 2019

Opened 21 Jun 2019

Results Updated 11 Oct 2019

Following this first round of consultation, we have analysed feedback from respondents and explored ways of incorporating suggestions into the Southwark over station development (OSD) designs.

Our report for the first phase of consultation is below:

Southwark over station development consultation report (PDF 1.43MB)

The project team have updated the proposals following feedback from our first consultation and we will be going out to the wider community with a second round of consultation on 15 October 2019.


TfL and the London Borough of Southwark (LBS) are working together to deliver new improvements to the area bounded by Blackfriars Road, The Cut, Hatfields and Isabella Street.

Several plans and proposals have been developed for this area in previous years, though none have been considered viable from a community or commercial perspective. Following approval to work towards a land swap agreement between TfL and LBS, we are now able to proceed with an exemplar development scheme, promoted by two public bodies who are working together to produce tangible benefits for the local area.

Through two separate projects and planning applications, we wish to form a shared vision which will deliver new council homes, office and community space around Southwark station.


We want to hear your views on the initial work on our vision, which will help set the brief for future design. The five key themes we have addressed are: Heritage and Legacy; Context and Culture; Economic Growth; Health and Wellbeing, and Community Integration.

We are presenting our vision at two drop-in events at Platform Southwark, 1 Joan Street, South Bank, London, SE1 8BS on:

  • Thursday 27 June from 2pm until 8pm
  • Saturday 29 June from 12pm until 4pm

At these events, you can view our consultation boards and speak to various members of our project team. You will also be able to fill out a paper feedback form if you would prefer.

Please do let us know your thoughts on our vision by Monday 29 July 2019.

The exhibition boards can also be viewed below.

Exhibition boards (PDF 4.89MB)

Our Vision

This is your area

We have already been listening to a wide range of views through our conversations with the Styles House Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) and others. We want to continue to understand what you love about your local area to help inform our vision. These are some of the things we have identified. Southwark is a unique place with a vibrant arts and entertainment scene, successful business hub and established residential community.

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From our previous engagement, residents have identified parts of the area that do not work as well as they could. We want to keep the best things about the area but address some of the challenges to maximise the opportunities here for everyone.

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1) Heritage and Legacy

Southwark has always stood out as a London borough as it sits outside the City and has a rich cultural heritage. Meanwhile, TfL is known as a pioneer in modern and historic architectural-led station designs and first-class buildings across London.

Our masterplan: Together, we want to produce a landmark development that adds to Southwark’s history and creates a truly positive legacy for the area.

2) Context and Culture

We want the shared masterplan to support the cultural identity of the area and create an enjoyable place to live, visit and work.

Working with the Greater London Assembly’s cultural team, we will contribute to the local economy by providing a new, affordable cultural space that adds to the area.

  • Meaningful & Needed: We do not want to artificially create something that is not needed. We want to create something that the community wants and that leaves a lasting legacy
  • Diverse & Accessible: We want our community space to be diverse, accessible and open to anyone
  • Practical: Any cultural area should be independent and self-supporting to ensure it can contribute to the thriving local economy

3) Economic Growth

Southwark has a thriving local economy. We want to enhance the existing amenities surrounding the underground station.

  • Increased demand: More offices and homes in Southwark have already led to an increased demand for more retail, food and drink options
  • Isabella Street: Vibrant and well maintained pedestrianised areas can further contribute to the local economy, helping local businesses
  • Works for you: We want our development to provide facilities the local community wants and keep the area lively throughout the day

4) Health and Well-being

Our development will contribute to the local area through beautiful and sustainable design.

We will incorporate the Mayor of London’s Healthy Streets initiative, which promotes walking, cycling and the use of public transport to create a healthy, safe and enjoyable public space.

  • Physical Health: We will include facilities designed to encourage physical activity as well as the creation of a cycle hub connecting the community and commuters
  • Well-being and mental health: Improvements to the design and surroundings of our building will support the health and well-being of those living in the area, as well as those who visit
  • Healthy building: Our development should provide the facilities that the local community want

5) Community Integration

As we move to the next stage of the project, we want to understand your needs.

We have been speaking to residents of Styles House through its TMO. We want all local residents and businesses in the area to contribute to our vision for the area.

  • Collective feedback: Your feedback matters to us. We want to hear as many different views as possible to ensure that our vision is informed by what you think
  • For you: We want to ensure that our vision is well communicated and to hear from the residents, workers and visitors of Southwark
  • Develop your understanding: We will ensure everyone involved in or impacted by the development is kept up to date throughout the consultation and beyond

Benefits of a development scheme in this area

By working together our vision is to bring real tangible benefits to the area, making it an enjoyable place for people to live, visit and work.


We have undertaken an Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA). The EqIA examines what impact (positive or negative) the proposed changes have on customers with characteristics protected by the Equality Act 2010. The EqIA document can be found below.  

Southwark Over Station Development draft EqIA (PDF 223KB)

Next steps

Following the consultation, the feedback received will inform our ongoing design work. After making any changes, we intend to include these designs in a planning application to the London Borough of Southwark later this year. Prior to the application submission, residents and customers will have a second opportunity to provide feedback on our plans.

Have your say

We would like to know what you think about our proposals.

Please let us know your views by completing the online survey below by Monday 29 July 2019.

Alternatively, you can:

  • Email us at southwarkosd@tfl.gov.uk
  • Attend one of our drop-in events (details above)
  • Call us on 0343 222 1234

You can also request paper copies of all the consultation materials and a response form by emailing southwarkosd@tfl.gov.uk, or writing to FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS.


  • Southwark


  • Anyone from any background


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