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Closes 28 Sep 2018

Our proposals

Our consultation described a number of issues which we must address. In summary these were:


  • As vehicle technologies improve, more vehicles are eligible for the Ultra Low Emission Discount, potentially leading to increased traffic in the Congestion Charge zone. The current discount also does not align with the requirements for the new Ultra Low Emission Zone. Tightening the discount now allows us to introduce a phased discount from April 2019 to encourage drivers, including private hire vehicle drivers, to switch to zero emission vehicles ahead of the introduction of a zero emission zone in central London in 2025, when it is proposed that any discounts for cleaner vehicles would cease.
  • In recent years, we have seen a substantial increase in the number of private hire vehicles in London. More than 18,000 different private hire vehicles now operate in the Congestion Charge zone each day during charging hours. These vehicles are currently exempt from paying the charge. We are proposing to include private hire vehicles in the Congestion Charge to help tackle the congestion challenge facing London.
  • We propose to amend the Congestion Charging boundary at Old Street, as we will soon begin work to transform the Old Street roundabout into a more pedestrian and cycle friendly environment.



1. On a scale of 1 – 10 (1 being not important at all and 10 being very important), how important do you believe it is that TfL should: Note: if you have no particular view on any of the following issues individually, please do not select any option

Take steps to reduce traffic in central London, to the benefit of everyone who lives or works here?
Require private hire vehicles to pay the Congestion Charge if they enter the Congestion Charge zone during charging hours (Mon-Fri, 07:00-18:00), as a way of reducing traffic in the zone?
Replace the Ultra Low Emission Discount (ULED) with a new phased Cleaner Vehicle Discount (CVD)?
Remove the Ultra Low Emission Discount entirely in 2025?

2. Do you believe that our proposals would create any particular hardships for any group of road users? If so, please explain these below. Please specify whether your comments relate to our proposals for removing the exemption to the Congestion Charge for private hire vehicles, replacing the ULED with a new, phased CVD, amending the Congestion Charge zone boundary at the Old Street roundabout or any of the other minor changes we propose to make to the Congestion Charge scheme.