Access to the Crossrail Central Operating Section – Publication of final documentation

Closed 20 Nov 2017

Opened 20 Oct 2017


Transport for London (TfL) and Rail for London (Infrastructure) Limited (RfL(I)) launched consultations in relation to its draft template access documentation relating to the Crossrail Central Operating Section (the CCOS) on 31 March 2017 and 7th July 2017. The consultations covered the following documents:

TfL/RfL(I) would like to thank all of those who responded to the consultations. TfL/RfL(I) have carefully considered all of the feedback received and, where appropriate, have sought to incorporate comments into the Access Documentation. A small number of further changes to the documents have also been made, resulting from discussions with the Office of Rail and Road, amendments which Network Rail has made to its equivalent documents and further changes identified by TfL/RfL(I). A summary of the changes together with a brief explanation of the rationale therefor is set out in the document below:

Summary of Changes made to access documentation (PDF)


As noted as part of each consultation, the Access Documents have been based on a number of assumptions which, if proved to be incorrect, will require further changes to be made. These include:

  • RfL(I) is granted an exemption from the requirement to hold a network licence
  • TfL/RfL(I) obtains a proprietary interest in the South East Spur comprising that part of the CCOS from Plumstead portal to Abbey Wood (excluding Plumstead sidings, which will be owned by TfL/RfL(I))
  • TfL/RfL(I) obtains a proprietary interest in the land upon which the Train Reversal Facility at Westbourne Park (which is part of the CCOS) is being built
  • The Fourth Railway Package of legislation will be implemented in the United Kingdom in the forms which have been published and this, together with other legislation affecting the railway industry, will not be materially affected by the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union
  • The Access Disputes Committee agrees to provide the dispute resolution services contemplated by the Access Documentation

Publication of final documents

*Drafts of the CCOS Timetable Planning Rules and the CCOS Engineering Access Statement were included as part of the consultation for information purposes. In future, these will be consulted upon and determined in accordance with the processes set out in Part D of the CCOS Network Code. In addition, TfL/RfL(I) is in the process of finalising the CCOS Systems Catalogue, which will be published in due course. All of the remaining documents are now being published by TfL/RfL(I) in their final forms.

TfL / Rfl(I) have also taken this opportunity to publish standard forms for:

Finally TfL/RfL(I) have recently concluded a consultation on the draft CCOS Testing Track Access Agreement. Once TfL/RfL(I) have considered feedback received from consultees, the final template document will also be published.

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