Have your say on the Crossrail Central Operating Section (CCOS) Station Charging Proposals

Closed 16 Dec 2016

Opened 25 Oct 2016


We are seeking your views on charging proposals for those Crossrail Central Operating Section stations to be operated by our Crossrail Concessionaire.


Crossrail will connect Reading and Heathrow to the west of London with Shenfield and Abbey Wood to the east, running through a new 13 mile (21km) twin-bore tunnel under central and east London. The tunnel under London (and associated infrastructure) will be the Crossrail Central Operating Section (or the CCOS). The CCOS has been designed to facilitate high capacity metro passenger rail services, moving high numbers of people more easily, more quickly and more directly across London. It will add ten per cent to the overall capacity of London’s rail network and will offer crowding relief on the Underground and DLR networks, as well as at congested stations.  

We, Transport for London (TfL) are currently the ultimate owner of the majority of the land comprising the CCOS and the infrastructure affixed to it. We have established a new wholly-owned subsidiary, Rail for London (Infrastructure) Limited (RfL(I)), which we intend to be responsible for the day-to-day operation and management of the CCOS. Services through the CCOS are expected to commence from December 2018, with a full service across London expected to be from December 2019.

What are we proposing?

There will be 10 stations on the CCOS. 5 of those will form part of existing London Underground stations and will be operated by London Underground under existing industry arrangements – and do not form part of this consultation. The other stations are new stations constructed as part of the Crossrail project, where there is no direct interface with the London Underground network and will be operated by the Crossrail concessionaire from time to time (the CTOC Stations). In relation to the CTOC Stations, TfL/RfL(I) propose that, as far as possible, access will be granted on equivalent terms to the stations for which Rail for London Limited is responsible (on the railway lines out of London Liverpool Street station). The terms for accessing the Rail for London Limited stations are set out in the RfL Station Access Conditions 2015, which have been approved by the Office of Rail and Road. TfL/RfL(I) are therefore proposing to create their own set of Station Access Conditions for the CTOC Stations, which will be largely based on the RfL Station Access Conditions 2015. There are a small number of areas where the RfL Station Access Conditions 2015 are not appropriate for the CTOC Stations – and it is these areas which form part of this consultation.

The two key areas of difference will be: (1) who owns the CTOC Stations; and (2) charging for access to the CTOC Stations. In relation to (1), under the RfL Station Access Conditions 2015, Network Rail has a role to play as it retains certain interests as the ultimate owner of those stations. This will not be the case with the vast majority of the CTOC Stations, where TfL/RfL(I) will be the ultimate owner. In relation to (2), whilst the standard industry charging arrangements will, in general, apply, TfL/RfL(I) also propose to levy a higher charge for using the CTOC Stations based on the long-term costs of the Crossrail project. More information on both of these aspects is set out in the accompanying consultation documents.

Read our Request for views document.

Read our Station Charging Proposals document.

Other consultations

In parallel with this consultation, we are consulting on behalf of RfL(I) in respect of the draft CCOS Network Statement. As the principles outlined in that consultation for charges to non-station infrastructure are consistent with those proposed for stations, consultees are advised to consider both sets of charging proposals together.

Click here to view our draft CCOS Network Statement consultation.

In early 2017, TfL/RfL(I) currently plan to consult on the Framework Track Access Contract and the Network Code for the CCOS.

Have your say

We would like to know what you think about our proposals. Please give us your views before Friday 16 December by completing the online consultation survey below.

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