New river crossings in east and southeast London - Technical documents

Closed 12 Feb 2016

Opened 2 Dec 2015


We have produced a series of technical documents that contain a large amount of information about the scheme:

Environmental Options Report drawings:


We understand you may not have the time to read through them all, so we have created a guide that will help you find where you can read more about a particular topic.

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The overall case for the new crossings

Strategic Outline Business Case 

Chapter 3

How we narrowed down public transport options

Option Assessment Report – Long List


Option Assessment Report – Public Transport Interim List

Chapter 6




More detailed drawings of the bridge and tunnel options

Bridge and tunnel drawings


Traffic impacts and traffic modelling

Traffic Impact Report


Environmental impacts and potential mitigation measures

Environmental Options Report



How much will these proposals cost and how we are proposing to fund them

Strategic Outline Business Case 

Chapters 4 and 5

How we have considered pedestrians and cyclists as part of the scheme

Option Assessment Report – Long List

Chapter 5

User charging as a means of managing demand on the crossings

Strategic Outline Business Case 

Chapter 3




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