Section 7 – Mid Elm Quay Court to Lassco (end of scheme)

Closed 20 Aug 2017

Opened 4 Jul 2017


Proposals include:

  • Cycling facility improvements
  • Improvements for Buses
  • Pedestrian Facilities

Nine Elms Lane - Section 7 - Mid Elm Quay Court to Lassco (PDF)

Cycling facility improvements

  • The scheme would provide refuge areas in the central reservation for cyclists wishing to travel west out of developments on the north side of the highway
  • There would be continuous stepped track cycle lanes in both directions along this section, measuring at least 1.8 metres wide
  • Cyclists travelling eastbound would be required to merge with the bus lane to pass buses stopped at the bus stop outside Elm Quay Court. This bus lane would be at least five metres wide to allow cyclists to pass around buses and negating the need for cyclist to merge with general traffic
  • There would be a bus stop bypass outside Elm Quay Court on the westbound carriageway, with a 1.6 metres wide cycle lane and a 2.5 metres wide pedestrian island
  • There would be a bus stop bypass outside the old Covent Garden Flower Market on the eastbound and westbound carriageways, with a 1.8 metres and 1.5 metres wide cycle lane respectively and  2.5 metres wide pedestrian island
  • A video showing how bus stop bypasses operate is available here
  • Cyclists travelling eastbound would share a separate signal stage, at the St George Wharf junction, with buses. The bus and cycle gate would include an Advanced Stop Line (ASL) measuring 7.5 metres deep

Improvements for Buses

  • Buses would have continuous bus lanes in this whole section in both directions, which would be in operation at all times in the eastbound and 7am-7pm on all days westbound
  • The eastbound bus and cycle gate would be relocated to the junction with St George Wharf. General traffic would be held whilst buses and cyclists get a green signal. This removes a set of traffic signals making the carriageway flow more efficiently

Pedestrian Facilities

  • This section would see build outs on the northern footway to provide wider footway space for pedestrians
  • The location of the build outs would be on the eastern corner by Elm Quay Court, on both sides of the entrance to Riverside Court and along the length of the footway from Riverside Court entrance to the end of the scheme
  • A new signalised staggered pedestrian crossing would be installed outside Riverside Court
  • The existing pedestrian crossing located adjacent to the existing eastbound bus gate would be relocated with the bus gate, therefore at the junction with St George Wharf. This would be a staggered crossing measuring three metres wide with a 4.2 metres wide central island



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