Proposed changes to Lambeth Bridge north and south - Lambeth Palace Road

Closed 20 Aug 2017

Opened 26 Jun 2017


Our proposals for Lambeth Palace Road are shown in Drawing 5 below:

Click here to view or print a larger version of Drawing 5


Changes to the road layout along Lambeth Palace Road

To reduce the impact of our proposals on bus journey times, we propose to:

  • Extend the bus lane along Lambeth Palace Road by a further 100 metres, towards Westminster Bridge South
  • Move Bus Stop SA for Lambeth Palace closer to the junction on Lambeth Palace Road to make it easier for buses to access the bus stop, and re-join traffic
  • Widen the existing southbound bus lane on Lambeth Palace Road to four metres.

We also propose to remove the existing substandard traffic islands close to the Evelina London Children’s Hospital to create more road space and deter informal crossing of Lambeth Palace Road at this location.

The existing cycle lane markings northbound along Lambeth Palace Road would restart close to the Evelina London, where the road widens.

Changes to the movement of traffic from Lambeth Palace Road into Lambeth Road

To remove the left-turn conflict between cyclists and other vehicles, and to assist a smoother flow of traffic along Lambeth Palace Road, general traffic would no longer be able to turn left from Lambeth Palace Road into Lambeth Road, and similarly, traffic from Lambeth Road would no longer be able to turn right into Lambeth Palace Road.


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