Proposed changes to the junction of A205 Dulwich Common and A2215 Lordship Lane

Closed 25 Oct 2018

Opened 13 Sep 2018

Results Updated 2 May 2019

Between 13 September and 25 October 2018, we consulted on proposals to introduce formal pedestrian signalised crossing arrangements at the junction of Dulwich Common and Lordship Lane.

We have now published our Consultation Report, which summarises how we sought comments and feedback on our proposals. We have also published our responses to the most common issues raised during the consultation.

In total, we received 274 responses to the consultation of which:

  • 91% supported or strongly supported the overall proposal to make changes to the pedestrian crossings and cycling facilities; and
  • 3% opposed or strongly opposed our proposal

We tentatively anticipate commencing the project early in 2020.

We are currently revisiting the design of the scheme to investigate the possibility of introducing a crossing at the southern arm of the junction. 

We will inform local residents and stakeholders of any design changes before any construction takes place. 

Our consultation report and responses to issues raised can be found below.

Consultation report (PDF 393KB)

Response to issues raised (PDF 76KB)


We are proposing to introduce formal pedestrian crossing arrangements at this junction as part of the Mayor’s commitment to making London’s streets more comfortable to walk and cycle.

Our plan is to make this busy three-way junction on the South Circular more accessible to pedestrians, particularly those with young children and/or with visual impairments. At present there are informal crossing arrangements at all three arms of the junction, meaning pedestrians can only cross when there are gaps in the traffic. We are proposing to introduce signal controlled crossings across Lordship Lane and Dulwich Common. As there is a dedicated pedestrian crossing nearby to the south near Underhill Road, we are not proposing to signalise the southern crossing arm.

In addition we are also planning to introduce new Advanced Stop Lines (ASLs) for on both sides of Lordship Lane to provide a safe stopping area for cyclists and smoother progression through the junction. This will include a ‘split’ ASL on the southern arm to accommodate the left-turn filter traffic signal phase. 

We are also proposing to increase the number of right-turn lanes from Dulwich Common into Lordship Lane from one to two. This is to reduce traffic queues along the South Circular.

A plan illustrating the proposed changes can be found below.

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Please give us your views by completing the online survey below by 25 October 2018.

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You can also request paper copies of all the consultation materials and a response form by emailing, or writing to FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS.



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