A24 Morden Road/Jubilee Way crossing improvements

Closed 7 May 2019

Opened 26 Mar 2019


We are proposing to make changes to the junction of Morden Road and Jubilee Way to improve the crossing and turning facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

Previously, the London Borough of Merton and local residents had requested changes to the crossing facilities on Morden Road at the junction with Lombard Road. However, due to the difficulty of road users not being able to have clear view of pedestrians this was not considered a safe location.

What are we proposing?

The proposed changes will introduce a green man phase to the crossing at Jubilee Way and Morden Road; this would make them safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

We propose to introduce a new staggered pedestrian crossing with traffic lights on the north side of the junction with Morden Road and a straight across crossing on Jubilee Way. We also propose to install traffic lights at the exit to the recreation ground which is currently uncontrolled to allow vehicles to safely exit.

Advanced Stop Lines (ASL) would be provided on all arms of the junction. This would help separate cyclists from drivers at the junction and make it safer for them. Right turns from Morden Road southbound into the recreation ground car park would be banned to avoid conflicts between vehicles.

Please see the map below for further details.

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A24 Morden Road/Jubilee Way improvements (PDF 917KB)

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We would like to know what you think about our proposals for improvements to the crossing at Morden Road and Jubilee way.

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