A316 Lower Richmond Road (Marksbury Avenue / Manor Grove) - crossing improvements

Closed 13 Mar 2015

Opened 18 Feb 2015

Results Updated 21 May 2015

Following the analysis of the consultation responses, we have decided to go ahead with the scheme. There are going to be some modifications made to the signage following consultation feedback, this is being worked on at present.

A report has been produced with the analysis of the consultation. Read the Consultation Report.


We are proposing to improve the cycle and pedestrian facilities on the A316 Lower Richmond Road at the junction of Marksbury Avenue and Manor Grove, so that it can be formally used by cyclists.

The proposed changes aim to improve safety for both pedestrians and cyclists, and formalise route travel choices for cyclists in the area. The upgraded crossing would complete the link between Kew Gardens and North Sheen Station on the London Cycle Network.

Currently the existing pedestrian crossing is a Puffin crossing and cyclists are required to dismount if they wish to use it.

We are proposing the following improvements:

  • Conversion of the existing Puffin crossing to a Toucan crossing which can be used safely by both pedestrians and cyclists
  • Widening and re-aligning the existing crossing widths to 4 metres
  • Improving the footway area at the crossings to enable safer access points for cyclists onto the carriageway

Please find a map of the proposed improvements here.

In order to ensure the proposed changes meet our design standards, we will:

  • Review the lighting provision for the new layout
  • Remove redundant cyclist dismount signs, road markings and general sign de-cluttering
  • Change the traffic signal equipment accordingly 

The conversion of the crossing from a Puffin crossing to a Toucan crossing increases the route travel choices for cyclists in the area, especially young cyclists.

Subject to feedback from the consultation we plan to undertake these works in Winter 2015/2016

This consultation is now closed. Results are available in the section below.


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