Proposed new toucan (pedestrian and cyclist) crossing – Windmill Road/A4 Junction

Closed 14 Feb 2016

Opened 11 Jan 2016


Update - 20 June 2016

Thank you to everyone who gave us their views on this proposal.

We received 143 responses to the consultation and approximately half of the respondents (52%) agreed with the proposal to install the new toucan crossing. Twenty per cent of respondents indicated that they did not support the proposal, 13% of respondents partially agreed and 2% indicated that they had no opinion.  

Having considered the responses received and the associated comments, we have decided to go ahead and install the new crossing this year.

Please click here for the consultation summary, including the responses to the main issues raised

See below for details of the consultation that was carried out earlier this year.

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As part of improving walking and cycling facilities in the Brentford area, we proposed installing a toucan (signalised pedestrian and cyclist) crossing on the south side of the Windmill Road / A4 junction.

What we proposed?

  • Installing a right turn ban, from the A4 eastbound into Windmill Road. 
  • Creating shared areas for pedestrians and cyclists around the crossing points.
  • Adjusting the kerb lines and installing a new traffic island to encourage correct lane use.
  • Install two additional traffic signals to help increase driver awareness of the A4 crossings.
  • Improving the lighting at the two A4 crossing points (under the M4) to enhance the environment for pedestrians and cyclists

While completing these works, we would also take the opportunity to upgrade the junction’s existing signal equipment

Right turn ban proposal

For the new toucan crossing to be installed, we would need to ban the right turn from the A4 eastbound into Windmill Road.  This is in order to maintain efficient traffic flows along this major arterial road. 

We expect the proposed ban to increase safety at the junction by reducing the number of potential collisions involving right turning vehicles.  

This proposal means that vehicles could use either Boston Manor or Ealing Road to access the south side of Windmill Road.

On average, 16 vehicles per hour currently turn right at the junction.

Map of the proposed changes

Please click here for a larger version of the map (PDF)

We also consulted on a proposed new toucan crossing at the junction of the A4 / Clayponds Avenue.



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