Have your say on changes to the road layout at Bromley-by-Bow and Marshgate Lane

Closed 23 Apr 2017

Opened 13 Mar 2017

Results updated 3 Aug 2018

Between March and April 2017 we consulted on initial proposals to enhance the transport links and public realm at two major road junctions in Bromley-by-Bow and Marshgate Lane.

We received 476 direct responses to our consultation, of which 65% supported or partially supported our proposals. 29% did not support them, while 6% said they were not sure or did not give an opinion.

Following the feed back we received, we are continuing to develop our proposals as some key concerns were raised.  We will provide an update in late 2019. Below is a link to our consultation report, which provides the headline outcomes of the consultation.

Consultation report (PDF 1.98MB)



We are working with the London Boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Newham and the London Legacy Development Corporation to enhance the transport links and public realm at Bromley-by-Bow and Marshgate Lane. The proposals would make it easier for people to cross both the A12 and Stratford High Street by providing new or upgraded pedestrian and cycle facilities, improving access for vehicles, enabling new bus routings, encouraging more walking and cycling, and connecting local communities and new developments in the surrounding area.

What are we proposing?
Why are we proposing this?
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What are we proposing?
We would like your views on our initial ideas to change the road layout at Bromley-by-Bow and Marshgate Lane.


An artist's impression of the junction of the A12 and St Leonard's Street, facing northwest. Bromley-by-Bow Underground station is 120 metres south of this junction.

  • Two signalised junctions on the A12, to the north of Bromley-by-Bow station, would provide access to proposed residential and commercial development to the east of the A12
  • Vehicles travelling northbound on the A12 would be able to turn right to access these new developments directly, without having to make a u-turn at Bow roundabout
  • A bus-only link across the A12 would connect Bromley-by-Bow and new developments to the east
  • Signalised crossings, replacing the existing subway at Three Mill Lane, and improvements to the subway at Bromley-by-Bow station would make crossing the A12 easier and more accessible for pedestrians and cyclists
  • The proposals would also give west Bromley-by-Bow better links to the open space around the River Lea, the Lea River Park & Leaway, and the Three Mills historic buildings and park
  • A segregated cycle track on the east side of the A12 would help improve access to the local cycle network, including the Lea Valley Towpath and Cycle Superhighway 2

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Marshgate Lane
An artist's impression of the new link road, facing northwest

  • A new link road, connecting Marshgate Lane with Sugarhouse Lane and creating a four-arm junction with A118 Stratford High Street, would allow buses, cyclists and pedestrians to cross the Bow Back River via a new bridge, improving access to Pudding Mill Lane station and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Click here for a larger version of the above map (PDF)

Enabling future bus changes
In addition to making the area more accessible for pedestrians and cyclists, the proposals for Bromley-by-Bow and Marshgate Lane would enable the creation of a new bus link. This would run from the west of the A12 at Bromley-by-Bow, through new developments either side of the River Lea, and north to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Any potential changes to bus routes in the area would be subject to a future and separate consultation.

Traffic impacts
Should we decide to take the proposals forward to the next stage of design, we would undertake traffic modelling to understand any potential effects of the changes, and summarises the results as part of a further stage of consultation on detailed proposals.


Why are we proposing this?
Bow and the wider area are changing. Local regeneration, growth in housing and the legacy development of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park are all expected to contribute to changing demands on the transport network. Our key aims for the area are:

  • Making the A12 Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach easier to cross. People prefer being able to cross streets at their convenience. Fast-moving or heavy traffic can make this difficult
  • Supporting growth and local businesses by providing better access to new developments, encouraging more walking and cycling, and connecting communities  
  • Creating a more liveable place. People are more likely to use our streets when their journey is interesting and stimulating, with attractive views, buildings, planting, and where other people are using the street

Bow Interchange
In spring 2015 we consulted on improvements to make it easier for pedestrians to cross Bow Interchange safely and provide a new area of public space. Seven new signalised crossings, including two pedestrian/cycle crossings, were opened in June 2016, improving connectivity between Bow and Stratford. You can find more information on the 2015 consultation at: tfl.gov.uk/roads/bow-vision

We have looked at further options to redesign Bow Interchange and remove both the roundabout and flyover, giving pedestrians and cyclists more direct access to facilities. However, we have now deferred development of this scheme until we can identify the significant funding required to take the plans forward.

Public exhibitions
We will be holding the following public exhibitions, where you can view the proposals, speak to members of the project team and submit your response to the consultation:

Kingsley Hall, Powis Road, London E3 3HJ

  • Monday 27 March, 16:00-20:00
  • Saturday 8 April, 12:00-16:00
  • Thursday 20 April, 16:00-20:00

The Vision for Bow and the Healthy Streets Approach
The pedestrian improvements at Bow Interchange were delivered as part of the Vision for Bow: a place which all road users, passing through, find accessible, safe and connected. You can find more information on the Vision for Bow at tfl.gov.uk/roads/bow-vision

Announced in February 2017, the Healthy Streets Approach incorporates the objectives and principles of the Vision for Bow. We will therefore deliver the proposals at Bromley-by-Bow and Marshgate Lane as part of this approach, which sets out a long-term plan for improving Londoners’ and visitors’ experiences of our streets, helping everyone to be more active and enjoy the health benefits of being on our streets. You can find more information on the Healthy Streets Approach at tfl.gov.uk/healthy-streets

Other developments in the Bow area
The overview map above includes proposals for road layout changes in the Bow area that would be delivered by organisations other than Transport for London. We have included these to show how our proposals fit in to the wider regeneration of the Bow area. These changes are included in the Bromley-by-Bow and Pudding Mill Supplementary Planning Documents, which were consulted on by the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) in winter 2016. Details of these consultations can be found below.

Have your say
We would like to know what you think about our proposals for Bromley-by-Bow and Marshgate Lane.

Please give us your views by completing the online survey below by Sunday 23 April.

Alternatively, you can:

You can also request paper copies of plans and a response form, copies in Braille, large text or another language by emailing consultations@tfl.gov.uk, writing to FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS, or calling 0343 222 1155.

Next steps
We will analyse and consider all of the responses received to the consultation and publish our response later this year. If we progress with our proposals for Bromley-by-Bow and Marshgate Lane, we would also publish indicative timescales for consultations on the detailed proposals. We would provide an assessment of the likely journey time and environmental impacts of the proposals as part of these detailed consultations.

London Legacy Development Corporation consultations on Bromley-by-Bow and Pudding Mill Lane
The London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) is responsible for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and is the Local Planning Authority for the area around it. In winter 2016, LLDC invited comments on its Supplementary Planning Documents for Bromley-by-Bow and Pudding Mill, outlining how it would support the delivery of affordable and family housing, jobs, open space, schools and other important services in both locations.

To view their proposals and find out more information about the consultations (which closed on 12 December 2016) please visit the LLDC website


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