Proposed changes to the junction of Brompton Road with Beauchamp Place

Closed 20 Feb 2018

Opened 23 Jan 2018

Results Updated 9 Aug 2018

We received 81 responses to the consultation. Thanks to all those who provided their views – we appreciate your patience in waiting for our reply.

Of those who responded, 16 per cent supported the proposed changes to the junction of Brompton Road with Beauchamp Place, six per cent neither supported nor opposed them, 68 per cent opposed them, and 10 per cent did not answer.

After careful consideration of the consultation responses, we have decided to proceed with the changes as proposed. We plan to implement these changes in summer 2018.

To view the full consultation report and our responses to issues raised, please click on the links below:

Brompton Road consultation report (PDF 337KB)

Brompton Road response to issues raised (PDF 66KB)


Brompton Road connects London’s museums to the shops and offices of Knightsbridge, and is heavily used by pedestrians, cycles and vehicles. Our planned changes would provide a pedestrian crossing at the junction with Beauchamp Place and improve the junction for cyclists and vehicles.


What are we proposing?

These are the improvements we are proposing:

  • Installing a new pedestrian crossing on Beauchamp Place with a countdown timer and rotating cones. The crossing will include upgraded  paving to help visually impaired and blind people, improving conditions for vulnerable users
  • Introducing advanced stop lines for cycles on Beauchamp Place and westbound on Brompton Road to give cyclists a larger waiting area and make them more visible to other road users
  • Moving the stop line back on Beauchamp Place to make it easier for left turning vehicles entering the junction from Brompton Road by providing more space
  • Amending the kerb line to the west of the junction to help right-turning vehicles from Brompton Road by providing more space
  • Remarking the existing pedestrian crossing on Brompton Road eastbound 
  • Providing new directional road markings on Brompton Road westbound to let road users know which lane they should take


The drawings below show the changes in more detail. We plan to implement these changes in spring 2018.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Will these changes affect your journey?

These changes are designed to ensure that pedestrians and vulnerable people have a safe way to cross Beauchamp Place, while improving the movement of traffic throughout the area. Our modelling shows that the junctions will continue to operate efficiently and the changes will have little impact on journey times through the area. We will monitor the completed scheme to ensure it is operating as expected and make adjustments as required.

Comments and Questions

If you have any comments or questions about these changes please complete the online survey below by Tuesday 20 February 2018

Alternatively, you can:

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