Bruce Grove A10 improvements

Closed 7 Dec 2016

Opened 25 Oct 2016

Results updated 3 May 2017

Between 25 October and 7 December 2016 we consulted on proposals for improvements to the A10 High Road in Bruce Grove town centre, between the junctions with Forster Road and Bruce Grove. Thank you to all those who took part.

The proposals aim to improve the area for pedestrians, cyclists, bus passengers and road users, whilst maintaining movement on the A10 and were developed in conjunction with the London Borough of Haringey as part of their wider plan for regenerating the Tottenham area.

We received 336 responses to our consultation, of which 217 (64%) supported or partially supported our proposals, 85 (25%) opposed or opposed most elements, 18 (6%) neither supported nor opposed, and 16 (5%) had no opinion, were not sure, or did not indicate their level of support in their response.

Issues commonly raised included positive comments on the pedestrian improvements, concerns about the impact that the proposals would have on cycling, and comments about the volume of traffic and congestion on the A10 High Road.

Having considered the responses and following further investigations, we intend to proceed with the scheme, with some changes to the design we consulted on. These include:

  • Changes to the design of the footway build-out at the pedestrian crossing
  • Retaining the cycle refuge between St. Loys Road and Stoneleigh Road in the design

We will now proceed with the detailed design work prior to construction, and intend to begin construction work on the scheme in early 2018.

Please click on the link below to read our Consultation report including our responses to issues raised:

Bruce Grove A10 Improvements Consultation report (PDF)


What are we proposing?

We are proposing changes to the A10 High Road in Bruce Grove town centre, between the junctions with Forster Road and Bruce Grove. The proposals are designed to improve road safety, improve conditions for pedestrians with more space for walking, and create a better town centre environment.

The proposals include:

Improvements to pedestrian facilities and the town centre environment

  • Widening pavements and shortening crossing distances to improve pedestrian safety and comfort at the junction with Bruce Grove
  • Introducing new advanced stop lines at all signalised junctions so cyclists can wait ahead of other traffic
  • Repaving footways along the High Road from building line to kerb, including the shop forecourts (subject to agreement with the owners as applicable) with high-quality materials. Existing lampposts would be retained
  • Using distinctive imprinted surfaces at busy pedestrian crossing areas
  • Relocating the signalised pedestrian crossing north of junction with St Loy’s Road to a more central location closer to Holcombe Road Market (opposite Lloyds Pharmacy). This would improve safety and be more convenient for pedestrians. In addition, an unsignalised crossing would be located where the existing signalised crossing is, just north of the junction with St Loy’s Road
  • Widening pavements on both sides of the relocated pedestrian crossing for improved pedestrian safety and comfort
  • Merging bus stops for northbound bus services near Bruce Grove Station, reassigning bus routes to stops to reduce overcrowding on pavements and reviewing the orientation of existing bus shelters to ensure efficient use of space for bus passengers and pedestrians (see below for more information)

Changes to off-peak loading / unloading facilities on the High Road

We’re proposing the following changes in order to make better use of loading bays and road space: 

  • Increasing the length of the southbound loading bay opposite Bruce Grove Station from 12 metres to 26 metres
  • Increasing the length of the northbound loading bay from 35 metres to 40 metres
  • Removing the southbound loading bay near the junction with Brook Street to make space for wider footways

Opportunities for planting or creation of greener spaces

  • Space along the High Road is very limited but the areas in front of Holcombe Road Market and St Marks Church are places where we are investigating potential opportunities to improve the town centre environment with plants or the creation of greener spaces.

Subject to consultation and relevant approvals, this improvement work could begin in early 2017.

We have worked closely with the London Borough of Haringey to develop this scheme. These proposed improvements are part of a wider plan for regeneration in the area. Please see for more details.

Please see the map below for further details of the proposed changes.

Map of the proposals

Click here for a larger version of the above map (PDF)

Changes to northbound bus stops

To accommodate these changes to facilities on A10 High Road, it would be necessary to change the stopping arrangements for some northbound bus routes.

  • Bus stops J and H would be merged to form one bus stop. The existing bus shelter at stop J would be retained. Routes 149, 259, 279, 341, 349, and 476 would serve this stop
  • Bus stop G would be increased in size and would be served by routes 123, 243, 318, and W4

This would reduce overcrowding at the stops and enable us to maintain loading facilities for businesses on High Road. Route 318 passengers would no longer share the same stop with routes 341 and 476 towards Lansdowne Road, but passengers wishing to interchange between these routes would be able to use stop F on the High Road.

Traffic impact of these proposals

These proposals are not expected to have an impact on traffic along this section of A10 High Road.

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