Proposed changes to Lambeth Bridge north and south - Lambeth Bridge

Closed 20 Aug 2017

Opened 26 Jun 2017


Our proposals for Lambeth Bridge are shown in Drawing 3 below:

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Changes to the road layout on Lambeth Bridge

To help keep traffic moving, there would be two general traffic lanes at each exit from the bridge. The lane switch would occur halfway along the bridge between the proposals for the northern and southern junctions.

A new two-metre wide cycle track, level with the footway, would be introduced in each direction on the bridge.

To facilitate these changes the southbound bus lane on Lambeth Bridge would be removed, and the space would be reallocated to general traffic as depicted in illustration ‘Section A-A’ within Drawing 3.

Changes to the movement of traffic

There would be no change to the way general traffic can exit Lambeth Bridge in either direction. Introduction of two general traffic lanes at each exit would help keep traffic flowing. The proposed introduction of traffic signals at Lambeth Bridge North and Lambeth Bridge South would also assist with management of traffic flow.

Design features for Lambeth Bridge

Improvements for cyclists

  • A two metre-wide cycle track, level with the footway in each direction on the bridge
  • A 7.5 metre advanced stop line and early release facility for cyclists heading into the southern junction (see our section for Lambeth Bridge south)
  • Separate cycle-signals for cyclists heading into the northern junction

Improvements for pedestrians

  • The footway width across the bridge would be reduced to approximately 2.7 metres in each direction to create space for the cycle lane. Whilst this is a reduction in space, it would remain sufficient to accommodate the volume of pedestrians
  • A delineator strip would separate the footway and cycling lanes
  • There would be more space for pedestrians at the southern gateway to the bridge, where urban realm improvements are also proposed (see our section for Lambeth Bridge south)
  • Access to the pedestrian underpasses at Albert Embankment and Albert Embankment/Lambeth Bridge would be maintained



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