Safer Junctions - Camden Street and Camden Road

Closed 29 Sep 2019

Opened 2 Sep 2019

Results updated 18 Feb 2020

We have amended our consultation report to correct an error relating to how peak traffic numbers were described in our response to issues raised section.

In the report we said that: the volume of traffic turning left is relatively low with 123 vehicles in the AM Peak and 166 vehicles in the PM Peak. These figures are for the busiest hour only within in each peak period and should have been described as such. We use the busiest hour figures at TfL to consider impacts of the scheme as they would be at their worst case at the busiest time of day.

When talking about the AM Peak period, this is typically 07:00 to 10:00 and the PM Peak period is 16:00 to 19:00. The vehicle counts for the full peak periods for the left turn from Camden Street to Camden Road are as follows:

AM Peak (07:00 - 10:00)


PM Peak (16:00 - 19:00)


Our consultation report can be found below.

Camden Street/Camden Road consultation report (PDF 1.04MB)

Results Updated 25 Nov 2019

We recently consulted on proposals at Camden Street Junction with Camden Road, in the London Borough of Camden.  

We received 249 responses to the consultation; 240 from members of the public and nine from stakeholders. Overall, 34% of people who walk and 24% of those who cycle in the area advised us that the proposals would make them feel safer or much safer when moving around the junction. 44% of respondents stated that the banned left turn made them feel less safe or much less safe.  

Following the review of consultation responses, we have decided to go ahead with the scheme as proposed subject to consultation on traffic orders and further engagement with the London Borough of Camden. We plan to start construction in spring 2020.


We would like to know your views on proposals for the Camden Street Junction with Camden Road, in the London Borough of Camden.


Our Safer Junctions programme is reducing road danger at the most dangerous junctions in London. These are junctions with the worse collision rates for vulnerable road users, including people walking and cycling. This programme directly contributes to our Vision Zero target to stop people from dying and being seriously injured on London’s road network by 2041.

 The objectives of the Safer Junction programme are to:

  • Reduce road danger and help eliminate Killed and Seriously Injured (KSI) collisions
  • Help create streets where people feel safe to walk, cycle and use public transport
  • Make hostile junctions more welcoming and less dominated by motor vehicles, demonstrating the Healthy Streets Approach

Why we are consulting

We have identified a number of safety related issues with the current junction arrangement. 15 personal injury collisions occurred in the 36 month period ending 31 December 2018, of which two resulted in serious injuries.

A number of issues have been identified with the current junction layout:

  • Poor pedestrian crossing positioning. No formal crossing points are currently provided for pedestrians crossing Camden Road at the junction with Camden Street
  • Narrow existing formal crossing outside Sainsbury’s. This crossing is busy and would benefit from being widened to make it easier to cross
  • Lack of Pedestrian Countdown at Traffic Signals (PCaTS)
  • Existing drainage gullies and utility service covers can pose a hazard to cyclists
  • Poor condition of existing road surface and paving slabs. This reduces road user and pedestrian comfort

Our proposals  

We would like your views on the following proposals which aim to reduce these issues.  

  • Introducing a banned left turn from Camden Street into Camden Road when travelling Southbound. This would allow a safe crossing point for people to cross the road without impacting on bus journey times when travelling through the junction
  • A new formal pedestrian crossing over Camden Road on the east side of the junction. This would provide a safe pedestrian crossing where many people wish to cross
  • Widening the existing pedestrian crossing on Camden Road (near Sainsbury’s) to 4.8m. This would provide more room for more people to cross the road comfortably and safely
  • Resurfacing the carriageway and footway. This would improve pedestrian and road user comfort
  • Installing Pedestrian Countdown at Traffic Signals (PCaTs). This would help people feel safer at the crossings as they provide information on time available to cross
  • Reduction of traffic lanes from four to three on Camden Street. This provides space for the cyclists approaching the junction.
  • Introduction of Advanced Stop Lines (ASL) on all three approaches to the junction. This would make it safer for people cycling in the area

The proposals would benefit those using sustainable modes of travel: people walking, cycling or taking the bus. However we appreciate that there may be an impact on journey times for those who would no longer be able to use the left turn from Camden Street into Camden Road. There are no predicted impacts to bus journey times.

A plan detailing our proposals can be found below.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Camden Street/Camden Road junction proposals (PDF 929KB)

Next Steps

Following this consultation we will analyse the responses and review the design. We will then seek the necessary powers and, subject to this consultation, are planning to implement this scheme in spring 2020.

Healthy Streets

The changes proposed in this scheme are part of our commitment to deliver the Healthy Streets Approach. We are taking this approach to create a vibrant, successful city where the streets are welcoming to all and everyone can live active, healthy lives. The streets within this scheme and the proposed changes have been assessed by our designers against ten Healthy Streets Indicators using our Healthy Streets Check for Designers tool. This tool assesses the layout of streets against thirty one measures which produce an overall Healthy Streets Check score out of 100. We use infographics to show the current score for the streets within this scheme and potential scores based on our proposed changes. The Healthy Streets results can be seen in the diagram below.

Camden Street/Camden Road Healthy Streets results (PDF 125KB)

Equality Impact Assessment

We are subject to the general public sector equality duty set out in section 149 of the Equality Act 2010, which requires us to have due regard to the need to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations by reference to people with protected characteristics. The protected characteristics are: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation. 

In considering changes to the design of our streets, we closely consider the needs of all users throughout the design process and complete a draft Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA).

While the changes we are proposing are broadly positive for all protected groups, the EqIA highlights some negative impacts during construction for some vulnerable groups. This is because during construction the junction and pedestrian crossings could change. We would reduce these impacts as much as possible, with signs for alternative walking routes around the junctions. However, this could cause longer journey times for people during construction. A full copy of the draft EqIA can be found below.

Camden Street/Camden Road junction Equality Impact Assessment (PDF 860KB)

We would like your views on the impact the scheme could have on you when you travel through the area. You can let us know by completing the online survey. 

Have your say

Please let us know your views on our proposals by completing the online survey by Sunday 29 September 2019.

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You can also request paper copies of all the consultation materials and a response form by emailing, or writing to FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS.


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