Shepherdess Walk/City Road/Bath Street junction improvement

Closed 4 Dec 2016

Opened 7 Oct 2016

Results Updated 12 Apr 2017

In autumn 2016, we ran a public consultation on proposed improvements for cyclists and pedestrians at the Shepherdess Walk/City Road/Bath Street junction. The consultation ran between 7 October and 4 December 2016 and received 1,932 responses. 80 per cent of respondents said they supported the proposals or most elements of them. 18 per cent said they opposed the proposals or most elements of them. A summary of the consultation process and results is available here.

After considering the consultation responses, we have decided to proceed with the scheme as consulted upon, with some minor additions. These include the provision of low level cycle signals at cyclist’s eye level and allowing cyclists travelling in a north-south or south-north direction to make right turns at the junction.

The London Boroughs of Hackney and Islington, while offering overall support, both shared the concerns of some local residents about the potential impact of the banned right turn from Bath Street into City Road. Although we are confident that surrounding roads will not be noticeably affected by diverted traffic, we will closely monitor the implemented scheme to ensure that this is the case. Further details of our response to this and other issues raised during the consultation are shown in our Response to Issues Raised report, available here.

We will now begin the next phase of the design process. Subject to obtaining the relevant approvals and co-ordinating with other works in the local area, we hope to begin construction on site in autumn 2017.

Please click here to read the consultation report (PDF).

Please click here to read the response to issues raised report (PDF).

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What are we proposing?

We are consulting on proposals to improve the provision for cyclists and pedestrians on City Road, at the junction with Shepherdess Walk and Bath Street.

This junction is already well used by cyclists, but there is currently no direct southbound route for them. The scheme proposes a safe means for cyclists to cross City Road between Shepherdess Walk and Bath Street, creating a new southbound route into central London. The proposals also include widening three pedestrian crossings.

The changes would require the removal of the existing right turn from Bath Street into City Road, together with the slip lane. This would create a wider footway and allow the pedestrian crossing to move closer to the junction.


We are working in partnership with London boroughs and other stakeholders to develop routes for the Central London Grid.

The Grid is a network of cycle routes in central London, including a mixture of Cycle Superhighways and Quietway routes. The routes aim to provide a more attractive and accessible environment for cyclists, some of which would be on less busy roads. Parts of the Grid have already been built; other sections are still under development.

Hackney and Islington Councils have both previously consulted on proposals for the Grid close to this junction. You can find details about Hackney Council’s 2015 consultation on proposals for Shepherdess Walk here. Details about Islington Council’s spring 2016 consultation, on proposals for a route from Finsbury Square to Lever Street (via Bath Street), are available here.

This consultation relates to TfL’s proposals to join these two routes together, providing a safe facility for cyclists to cross City Road in both directions between Shepherdess Walk and Bath Street.

This consultation will run until 25 November 2016.

About the proposals

The proposals include:

  • A new southbound cycle lane on Shepherdess Walk, with advanced stop line
  • A new southbound dedicated cycle crossing across City Road
  • A new southbound contraflow cycle lane on Bath Street. This would require the removal of the slip road and right turn for motorists onto City Road
  • A new northbound cycle lane on Bath Street, with advanced stop line. This would require the relocation of a loading bay from Bath Road to City Road
  • Widening three pedestrian crossings and moving one closer to the junction

Please click here to view a larger map (PDF).

Scheme details

Bath Street

At present, Bath Street is one-way northbound for all traffic, including cyclists. In order to provide a southbound cycle lane, we would need to remove the existing right turn into City Road to create space for the cycle lane. This would also allow southbound cyclists to cross City Road without encountering turning vehicles. Removing the turn and slip road would also allow us to extend the footway and move the pedestrian crossing nearer to the junction. The cycle lane would be 1.8 metres wide at its narrowest point.

In order to accommodate the northbound cycle lane and new advanced stop line on Bath Street, we would need to relocate a loading bay from north of the junction with Lever Street to City Road, east of the junction. A single traffic lane would then run on Bath Street between the cycle lanes, with left turn and straight ahead movements permitted into City Road. The right turn movement would be maintained for cyclists. The cycle lanes would be 1.5 metres wide.

Shepherdess Walk

We’re proposing a new southbound cycle lane, with a new advanced stop line prior to the junction with City Road. Cyclists continuing south would be able to cross City Road using a marked facility and continue their journey using the new contraflow cycle lane on Bath Street. The cycle lane would be 1.7 metres wide at its narrowest point.

City Road

We propose to move the pedestrian crossing on the east of the junction with Bath Street closer to the junction. This would make it more direct for pedestrians wishing to cross City Road than the current crossing location.

The pedestrian crossings on the north, south and west arms of the junction would be widened to provide more space for pedestrians to cross. 

What would the proposals mean for traffic?

We have undertaken a traffic assessment to understand how journeys might change, and what this might mean for motorists and people who live or work on local roads.

There are alternative routes in the area for drivers who currently turn right at Bath Street into City Road. The assessment indicates that changes to the surrounding network will be marginal.

Have your say

Please give us your views by completing the online survey below by 4 December 2016

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What happens next?

We will consider the responses to this consultation before deciding on whether to go ahead with this scheme or with a modified version of it. Should we proceed, construction is expected to begin in March 2017 and take about 2-3 months to complete.


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