Notting Hill Gate neighbourhood

Closed 16 Jun 2019

Opened 1 May 2019


Notting Hill Gate is a busy high street and vibrant area, and gateway to one of London’s best-known and loved market places. However it is not a welcoming place to cycle in and provision for pedestrians is poor in a very busy area. The pavements and crossings get very crowded, and people cycling must interact with traffic on a busy and congested road. Our proposals would make it safer and more pleasant for pedestrians by improving pavements and providing new and improved crossings, while cyclists would be given a safe space to cycle segregated from traffic.  

An artist’s impression of the proposals, looking west towards Holland Park 

Artist’s impression of the proposals, looking west towards Holland Park

The proposals are sensitive to the area’s unique character and heritage, and seek to enhance these by making it easier and safer to get to shops and amenities on foot, by bike, or by public transport. By doing this we can deliver the economic benefits increased numbers of people walking and cycling bring to the high street (see here for our research showing this).

Notting Hill Gate neighbourhood overview plan

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A larger version of the overview plan can be found here (PDF 211KB)

This is a busy neighbourhood with lots of pedestrians. In our proposals we would improve places where people are most likely to want to cross the road. We would increase pavement space at key locations such as crossings and bus stops to create a safer, more pleasant area. This includes outside Notting Hill Gate station where Pembridge Gardens would be made exit only for traffic to allow the pavement to be widened and the crossing distance reduced. Pedestrian safety would also be improved by introducing new crossings that allow people to cross the road in one movement, rather than waiting on an island in the middle. Existing crossings would be widened and the distance to cross the road shortened. Where crossings cannot be made in one movement wide traffic islands would provide more comfortable areas to wait.

By taking some road space away from general traffic we would provide a safe space for people cycling while protecting pavement space for pedestrians. A two-way segregated cycle track is proposed on the south side of the road, avoiding the junction with Pembridge Road which would continue to operate as normal, connecting buses into the neighbourhoods to the north. Cyclists would benefit from a new waiting area and timed traffic lights at junctions. The proposals provide connections to adjacent cycle routes, for journeys into and out of the area.

Westbound bus stops would be converted to bus stop bypasses, which allow cyclists to continue their journey without needing to mix with vehicles.  Zebra crossings would be introduced across the cycle track for people to access and exit bus stops, where a wide pavement would provide a comfortable waiting area. The bus stop east of Kensington Church Street would be relocated to the west of it, closer to Notting Hill Gate Tube station entrances adjacent to Pembridge Gardens.

To accommodate the new facilities, one lane of traffic would need to be removed in each direction but two lanes would be retained throughout. The central reservation island would be narrowed and trees taken out at Notting Hill Gate, with appropriate new trees planted nearby to replace those that are removed, subject to location surveys. We are working with the Council on the type and location of new trees.

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Detailed plans of our proposals (PDF 1.22MB)

How would the proposals affect journey times?

We have produced journey time estimates using our traffic modelling tools to review the likely impact of the scheme on the bus network and on general traffic journey times. To do this we assessed how London's roads would operate in 2021, considering population growth, committed developments and other road improvements. We then tested how London's roads would operate in 2021 with the changes proposed as part of this scheme. This allows us to isolate the predicted impacts of this proposed scheme from other changes which are not part of this consultation.

Junctions have been designed to operate as efficiently as possible while accommodating new pedestrian and cycle facilities along Notting Hill Gate. As a result of the scheme, in both peak periods, eastbound bus and general traffic journey times are expected to remain broadly similar to existing times. Westbound bus and general traffic journey times are expected to increase slightly in all periods, this is mainly due to the removal of a traffic lane on the approach to Notting Hill Gate (see table below). The scheme proposes a number of new pedestrians crossings, which have been designed to operate with similar wait times to other existing crossings in the area.

The scope of the proposed improvements is  limited to within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. We do acknowledge that the impacts of the scheme will extend into the neighbouring borough of the City of Westminster. Therefore, our assessment of the journey time impacts of the proposals between Notting Hill Gate and Lancaster Gate has been included in the results table.

 Summary table of the peak time journey impacts (PDF 190KB)

Parking, waiting and loading proposals for Notting Hill Gate

Our proposals include changes to parking and loading bays and their hours of operation. During the consultation period we will contact premises that we think could be affected. If you think the proposals could affect you or your business, please contact us to let us know. We encourage you to discuss these proposals with your suppliers.

Please click on the sections above to find out details of the scheme, or on the links below to view maps of the proposed changes to parking, waiting and loading:  

Parking and waiting plan (PDF 202KB)

Loading plan (PDF 193KB)


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