Proposed changes to parking and loading arrangements on Despard Road

Closed 10 Mar 2017

Opened 10 Feb 2017

Results Updated 24 Oct 2017

From 10 February to 10 March 2017, we consulted on proposed changes to Despard Road to provide alternative loading arrangements for the businesses that previously used a loading bay on Archway Road that no longer exists.

We received 99 responses to the consultation.

Having considered all the responses, and carried out further investigation into the loading arrangements of nearby businesses, we and Islington Council have decided not to proceed with the scheme at the present time.

Our investigations into the current servicing arrangements of the businesses, including the Charlotte Despard public house, found that the existing loading arrangements are satisfactory.

More information about this consultation can be found in our Consultation Report and our Response to Issues Raised documents below:

Despard Road - Consultation Report (PDF)

Despard Road - Responses to Issues Raised (PDF)


We have been working with Islington Council on improvements to the Archway gyratory, and, as part of this project, we are proposing to make changes to Despard Road. Our aim is to provide more convenient loading arrangements for the businesses that previously used a loading bay towards the southern end of Archway Road. The changes would mean the loss of three existing parking bays on Despard Road, but there is an opportunity to relocate two of these nearby. Although TfL is conducting this consultation, Islington Council is the Highway Authority for Despard Road and will be responsible for final decisions affecting these proposals.

The area on Archway Road previously occupied by the loading bay has been converted to a new segregated cycling track, as well as a bus lane and U-turn facility. We have also replaced the old underpass with a new signal-controlled pedestrian crossing.

With major schemes like the transformation of Archway gyratory, it is sometimes necessary for points of design detail and changes to traffic restrictions to be determined after the original consultation. Having identified the possibility of providing a loading facility on Despard Road, we would like to know your views before we finalise our plans.

What are we proposing?
We recognise that businesses require safe and convenient loading arrangements, and that public houses have a specific requirement for loading facilities to be as close as possible to their premises. This is why we have developed proposals to create a new loading area on Despard Road. We would be able to use the space previously occupied by the ramped entrance to the subway. It is not possible to provide a loading bay at or close to its previous location on Archway Road without significant impacts on journey times for buses and general traffic.

Only vehicles using the loading bay to deliver to local businesses would be permitted to exit from Despard Road onto Archway Road. Pedestrians and cyclists would have access at all times.

The proposed changes would involve:

  1. Collapsible, lockable bollards to restrict access to the loading bay only to permitted users and emergency services vehicles
  2. A new loading bay (18 metres in length) adjacent to the former site of the ramped subway entrance
  3. Four new trees to be planted next to the new loading bay
  4. ‘Vehicles emerging from left’ sign on Archway Road to alert pedestrians and cyclists
  5. Proposed new traffic signals, including a ‘left-turn only’ traffic signal for vehicles exiting onto Archway Road. The signals would be activated by a detection loop, which will prevent traffic on Archway Road from waiting unnecessarily
  6. The removal of three parking bays at the eastern end of Despard Road to allow access to the new loading bay

Click here for a larger version of the above map (PDF)

Along with Islington Council, we have looked into the possibility of creating new parking spaces in the area, to off-set the necessary loss of three bays on Despard Road. We have concluded that there is enough space to provide a maximum of two new parking bays. We are proposing to create one new bay on the northern side of Lidyard Road, at its junction with Archway Road, and another on the corner of Highgate Hill and Despard Road, close to the entrance to Calvert Court.

Please note that in April 2017 Islington Council will be extending the ‘residents only’ parking restrictions in this area to 24 hours per day.

Although we do not expect the loading facility to be used frequently, we propose to limit deliveries to off-peak periods only (10am to 3pm), which would minimise impacts on local residents, and on road users. We will communicate with local businesses to ensure that only delivery vehicles with a legitimate need to use the bay are able to access it. We would be responsible for enforcing the restricted use of the bay.

Click here for a larger version of the above map (PDF)

Have your say
We propose to make this change in spring 2017, but there is an opportunity first to tell us if there are any factors that you think should have been considered and that might make us change our plans.

You can let us know your views by taking part in our online survey below.

Alternatively, you can:

  • Email us at, or
  • Write to us at FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS - please reference ‘Roads– Despard Road’ in all communication

This consultation closes on Friday 10 March 2017.


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