Proposed changes to the Edith Grove and Ashburnham Road junctions with King’s Road

Closed 20 Feb 2018

Opened 23 Jan 2018


We are planning improvements to the pedestrian and cycling facilities around the King’s Road junctions with Edith Grove and Ashburnham Road (turning into Gunter Grove northbound).

Both junctions are currently used heavily by people who walk and cycle. Our planned changes are designed to make it easier and safer to walk and cycle, whilst improving the public space around the junctions.

What are we proposing?

These are the improvements we are proposing:

  • Installing new signalised pedestrian crossings on the western and eastern arm of the Ashburnham Road junction and western arm of the King’s Road/Edith Grove junction. The new ‘staggered’ crossings will provide safer pedestrian crossing facilities without unduly affecting other road users
  • Widening footways in some parts of the pavement on King’s Road and Edith Grove to provide more space for pedestrians, as well as widened crossings points on the northern and southern arms of Edith Grove junction
  • Widening cycle lanes at the junction on Ashburnham Road and the western and eastern arms of Edith Grove junction to provide more space for cycling to reduce the risk of collisions between cyclists and motor vehicles. On the eastern arm of Edith Grove junction this will involve reducing the westbound King’s Road traffic from two lanes to one
  • Introducing low level, ‘early release’ traffic signals for cyclists on Ashburnham Road and the eastern arm of the junction with Edith Grove to improve safety for cycling. These will allow cyclists to move ahead of other traffic
  • Lengthening existing cycle waiting areas approaching both junctions to give cyclists a waiting area ahead of general traffic, helping to improve their visibility and reduce the risk of collisions with other vehicles
  • Introducing dedicated left turn traffic lanes eastbound on King's Road approach to Ashburnham Road junction and southbound on Edith Grove to reduce the risk of collisions between cyclists and left turning vehicles. On the southbound Edith Grove approach, this will involve removing a cycle lane which is too narrow
  • Introducing a dedicated right turn lane on King’s Road westbound between the two junctions, to reduce the risk of collisions with vehicles continuing straight through Ashburnham Road junction
  • Upgrading paving throughout the area to help visually impaired and blind people, improving conditions for vulnerable users
  • Providing new cycle stands on the western arm of the Ashburnham Road junction

The map below shows the changes in more detail. We plan to implement these changes in spring 2018.

Click here for a larger version of the above map (PDF)

Will these changes affect your journey

These changes are designed to ensure that all traffic moves efficiently through the area. Our modelling shows that the junctions would continue to operate efficiently and the overall changes would have little impact on journey times for all traffic, including buses. We will monitor the completed scheme to ensure it is operating as expected and make adjustments if required.

Comments and Questions

If you have any comments or questions about these changes please complete the online survey below by Tuesday 20 February 2018

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