A23 Streatham Hill Proposals - Section 1

Closed 19 Apr 2020

Opened 10 Feb 2020


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Section 1

  • New with traffic flow cycle lanes on western and eastern side of Streatham Hill running from Sternhold Avenue to Ardwell Road
  • New section of northbound bus lane between Sternhold Avenue and Telford Avenue
  • Ardwell Road closed at A23, cycle access only
  • New signalised straight-across pedestrian and cyclists crossing at Ardwell Road
  • New two-way cycle lane from Ardwell Road crossing on western side of Streatham Hill to north of Tierney Road
  • Amesbury Avenue converted from left turn in and left turn out to left turn exit onto A23 only
  • Barrhill Road converted from allowing all movements to allow left turn exit only onto A23
  • Signalised pedestrian crossing to the south of Barrhill Road removed and replaced with new raised, straight-across crossing 50m north near Barrhill Road
  • The loading bay on the northbound carriageway adjacent to 172-174 Streatham Hill is reduced by 14m,
  • The 24m loading bay on the southbound carriageway adjacent to 91-97 Streatham Hill is removed
  • The 15m loading bay on the southbound carriageway adjacent to 49-53 Streatham Hill is removed
  • The existing parking bay in Barrhill Road with 3 spaces is converted to an 18m loading bay
  • 5 parking bay spaces are relocated from the northbound carriageway at 126-134 Streatham Hill to the southbound carriageway adjacent to 61-69 Streatham Hill
  • Bus stop D just north of Barcombe Avenue is relocated 50m to the south
  • Footpath widening and kerb buildouts proposed



  • Lambeth


  • Anyone from any background


  • Cycling
  • Roads
  • Walking